Are Switzerland Knocked Out of Euros? Here’s What Happened

Are Switzerland knocked out of Euros? Yes, they are. And despite the disappointment, it’s important to take a step back and gain some perspective. While being eliminated from any major championship is never easy, there are still some valuable lessons to be learned and exciting opportunities to be seized. So before we wallow in self-pity, let’s examine what happened, why it happened, and what Switzerland can do moving forward.

First of all, let’s give credit where credit is due. Switzerland performed admirably in the tournament and can hold their heads high. They fought hard, showed resilience, and played some beautiful football. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to overcome some tough opponents and tough breaks. But such is the nature of sport. Success is never guaranteed, but the journey is always worth it. And for Switzerland, this journey is far from over.

So what’s next for the Swiss team? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to rebound and prove themselves. Whether it’s in upcoming international matches, regional competitions, or the next major championship, Switzerland has the talent and the determination to succeed. Of course, it won’t be easy, but nothing worth achieving ever is. So let’s wish them the best of luck and hope they continue to play with the same passion and pride that they showed in the Euros.

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 was supposed to be the biggest football tournament in Europe since the 2016 edition. The tournament featured a total of 24 teams from all over Europe competing against one another for the championship title.

The tournament was initially scheduled for the summer of 2020 but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the tournament took place between June and July 2021, and it was one of the most exciting football events in recent memory.

Reasons why Switzerland was knocked out of Euro 2020

  • Struggles with penalties: One of the primary reasons why Switzerland was knocked out of Euro 2020 was their struggles with penalties. They lost to Spain in the quarter-finals after being defeated in the penalty shootout.
  • Fierce competition: Switzerland faced fierce competition from other teams in the tournament. They were in the same group as Italy, who were one of the favourites to win the tournament, and Turkey, who had caused an upset in the previous European Championship.
  • Injuries to key players: Switzerland suffered injuries to some of their key players, which affected their overall performance. For instance, Breel Embolo, one of Switzerland’s top strikers, missed the quarter-final match against Spain due to injury.

The impact of Euro 2020 on Switzerland’s football

Euro 2020 was a significant event for Switzerland’s football, even though they were knocked out in the quarter-finals. The tournament provided an opportunity for the team to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best teams in Europe.

Switzerland’s performance in Euro 2020 demonstrated that they are a team with potential and can compete at the highest level. Their quarter-final appearance was their best performance in the tournament since 1954.

Switzerland’s performance in Euro 2020

Switzerland’s performance in Euro 2020 was a mixed bag. They started the tournament with a draw against Wales and a loss against Italy. However, they bounced back with an impressive win against Turkey, securing their spot in the knockout stages.

Match Opponent Result
Match 1 Wales 1-1
Match 2 Italy 0-3
Match 3 Turkey 3-1
Round of 16 France 3-3 (4-5 on penalties)
Quarter-finals Spain 1-1 (1-3 on penalties)

Switzerland’s most impressive performance was in the Round of 16 against France. They were 3-1 down at one point but managed to make a comeback and win the match 5-4 on penalties. This match was arguably one of the most exciting matches in the tournament.

Switzerland National Football Team

The Switzerland national football team, also known as the Schweizer Nati, is the national football team of Switzerland and represents the country in international football tournaments. The team is governed by the Swiss Football Association, which was founded in 1895. The Switzerland national football team is renowned for its disciplined and organized gameplay, which has led to some impressive performances in international tournaments. Unfortunately, the team’s performance in the recently concluded Euros was not up to the mark, and they failed to progress to the next stage of the tournament.

History of the Switzerland National Football Team

  • The Switzerland national football team played its first international football match in 1905 against France.
  • The team has participated in 4 FIFA World Cup tournaments, with their best finish being the quarter-finals in the 1934 and 1954 editions.
  • Switzerland has also participated in the UEFA European Championship on 5 occasions, with their best finish being the round of 16 in the 2016 edition.
  • The team’s most successful period came during the 1930s and 1950s, when they consistently reached the quarter-finals of major international tournaments.

Recent Performance of the Switzerland National Football Team

In recent years, the Switzerland national football team has performed well in international competitions. They qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where they reached the round of 16 but were knocked out by Sweden. In the UEFA Nations League, Switzerland finished runners-up in their group in the 2018-2019 edition. In the 2020-2021 edition, they finished in third place in their group but advanced to the semi-finals of the competition, where they lost to Spain.

Unfortunately, in the recently concluded UEFA Euro 2020, Switzerland’s performance was not up to the mark. They failed to win any of their group stage matches and managed to progress to the knockout stage as one of the best third-place teams. In the round of 16, they faced off against Spain and despite some heroic performances were knocked out of the tournament after losing 3-1 on penalties.

Key Players of the Switzerland National Football Team

The Switzerland national football team has a talented group of players who are capable of performing well at the international level. Some of the key players of the team include:

Player Name Position Current Club
Xherdan Shaqiri Midfielder/Forward Liverpool FC
Granit Xhaka Midfielder Arsenal FC
Manuel Akanji Defender Borussia Dortmund
Yann Sommer Goalkeeper Borussia Monchengladbach

These players have been instrumental in the success of the Switzerland national football team in recent years and will be key to the team’s success in future competitions.

Knockout Stage

The knockout stage of the UEFA European Championship is when the competition becomes more intense, as the teams compete for a spot in the final. Switzerland fought their way through the group stage but unfortunately were knocked out during the knockout stage. Let’s take a closer look at what the knockout stage entails.

  • Format: The knockout stage follows a single-elimination format, where teams play a match and the losing team is eliminated. The matches are held in different cities across the host country, and each match is played at a different venue.
  • Round of 16: The knockout stage begins with the round of 16, where the top two teams from each group and the four best third-placed teams qualify. The 16 teams then compete for the eight places available in the quarter-finals.
  • Quarter-finals: The eight remaining teams then play in the quarter-finals, followed by the semi-finals, and the final.

Knockout Stage Matches

The knockout stage is filled with high-stakes matches, where every goal and every mistake can make a huge difference. Switzerland faced a tough challenge in their knockout stage match against Spain. Unfortunately, they were defeated 3-1, and Spain advanced to the next round.

Here’s a look at some of the matches played in the knockout stage:

Match Result
Round of 16: Belgium vs Portugal 1-0
Round of 16: England vs Germany 2-0
Semi-finals: Italy vs Spain 1-1 (Italy won 4-2 on penalties)

As we can see, the knockout stage is filled with nail-biting matches that can go either way. Unfortunately, Switzerland’s journey came to an end during the knockout stage, but they can hold their heads high for making it that far in the competition.


Switzerland failed to progress beyond the round of 16 at the 2021 UEFA European Football Championship (Euros) after being knocked out by Spain. The team had high hopes after finishing top of their group and drawing against eventual finalists Italy in the group stage, but ultimately fell short in the knockouts.

  • Disappointing Performance: Switzerland’s elimination was largely due to their poor performance against Spain in the knockouts. Despite putting up a good fight, the team was outplayed by the Spanish side, who dominated possession and had more shots on target.
  • Penalty Shootout Loss: The game ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time, forcing a penalty shootout. Unfortunately, Switzerland came up short once again, losing 3-1 on penalties. This was a heartbreaking way to exit the tournament, especially considering the team had shown great resilience throughout the competition.
  • Injuries: Switzerland also had to contend with a number of injuries during the Euros, which greatly affected their performance. Key players like Granit Xhaka and Breel Embolo were both forced to miss matches due to injury, making it difficult for the team to maintain consistency.

Overall, while Switzerland put in a strong showing at the Euros, ultimately they fell short against a formidable Spanish side. Their elimination will undoubtedly be a disappointment to fans of the team, but they can take solace in the fact that they put up a good fight and showed great resilience throughout the competition.

Here are Switzerland’s results in the Euros:

Match Result
Switzerland vs Wales 1-1
Switzerland vs Italy 0-0
Switzerland vs Turkey 3-1
Round of 16: Switzerland vs Spain 1-1 (3-1 on penalties)

Despite their elimination, Switzerland can hold their heads high and be proud of the effort they put in at the Euros. The team will undoubtedly bounce back and continue to compete at the highest levels of international football.

Group Stages

The group stages of the UEFA Euro 2020 saw Switzerland pitted against Turkey, Italy, and Wales in Group A. In this article, we will delve deeper into each of these matches to understand where Switzerland went wrong and ultimately led to their exit from the tournament.

  • Switzerland vs Wales: The opening match of Group A saw Switzerland take on Wales. The Swiss team controlled the majority of the game, keeping 62% possession and attempting a total of 23 shots on goal. However, they failed to convert these chances into goals and the game ended in a 1-1 draw. This lack of finishing proved to be a recurring issue for Switzerland in the tournament.
  • Switzerland vs Italy: The second match saw Switzerland face-off against a formidable Italian team. Despite a valiant effort from the Swiss side, Italy proved to be too strong, winning the match 3-0. This loss was a big blow to Switzerland’s hopes of progressing to the knockout stages.
  • Switzerland vs Turkey: The final match of the group stages saw Switzerland take on Turkey, who was already out of contention for qualification. Switzerland needed a win to have any chance of progressing to the knockout stages. However, Turkey proved to be the better team on the day, winning the match 3-1 and knocking Switzerland out of the tournament.

Overall, Switzerland’s lack of finishing proved to be their biggest downfall in the tournament. The Swiss team had a total of 55 shots on goal in the three matches but only managed to score 4 goals, which was not enough to progress to the next round.

Here is a table summarizing Switzerland’s results in the group stages:

Match Result
Switzerland vs Wales 1-1
Switzerland vs Italy 0-3
Switzerland vs Turkey 1-3

Switzerland’s exit from the tournament was a disappointment for fans and players alike. While they showed glimpses of their potential, their inability to finish in front of goal cost them dearly in the end.

Football Standings

Football fans all over the world were left in awe after Switzerland’s elimination from the UEFA Euro 2020. The nail-biting tournament held in 11 cities across Europe had football enthusiasts hooked throughout June and July. Switzerland was one of the many quality teams that went toe to toe for a chance to lift the coveted trophy. However, it was not to be for the Swiss National Team. Let’s take a closer look at the football standings and the journey of Switzerland in the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.

  • Group A Standings: Turkey, Italy, Wales, and Switzerland
  • Switzerland’s Group Stage Performance: 1-1 draw against Wales, 3-0 loss to Italy, and 3-1 victory against Turkey
  • Third Place Standing: Switzerland finished in 3rd place with 4 points from 3 games

Switzerland’s journey in the tournament began with a draw against Wales. They followed it up with a devastating 3-0 loss to the rampaging Italians, leaving their hopes hanging in the balance. Switzerland needed a win against Turkey in their final group game to progress to the next round. And win they did, registering a 3-1 win against the Turkish side, but it wasn’t enough to take them through. Switzerland had to settle for third place in Group A on 4 points, behind Italy and Wales on 9 and 4 points, respectively.

Now, let’s have a look at the groups and their respective standings at the end of the group stage.

Group A Group B Group C
1) Italy (9 pts) 1) Belgium (9 pts) 1) Netherlands (9 pts)
2) Wales (4 pts) 2) Denmark (6 pts) 2) Austria (6 pts)
3) Switzerland (4 pts) 3) Finland (3 pts) 3) Ukraine (3 pts)
4) Turkey (0 pts) 4) Russia (3 pts) 4) North Macedonia (0 pts)

Switzerland’s exit from the tournament may have left many of their supporters disappointed, but they displayed quality football throughout the group stage. Football is a game where anything can happen, and the UEFA Euro 2020 provided ample evidence of it. There were surprise results, upsets, and records being broken. The tournament was a perfect showcase of the beautiful game of football.

In conclusion, the football standings are a vital aspect of any football tournament. They indicate the progress made and the quality of football displayed by each team. Switzerland may have been knocked out, but their performance throughout the UEFA Euro 2020 was worth applauding. Congratulations to Italy for lifting the trophy and making history. The UEFA Euro 2020 will be remembered as one of the most exciting tournaments in the history of football.

Next Opponent

After the shocking exit of Switzerland from the Euros, football fans worldwide are eager to know which team Switzerland will face in their next game. The knockout stage of the tournament is always unpredictable, and any team can go against any other team. Despite Switzerland’s early exit, football fans still can’t wait to see their next opponent.

  • Italy: Most likely, Switzerland will face Italy, who finished at the top of their group. Italy is one of the contenders to win the tournament outright, with a strong defense and a talented midfield. While Italy is the probable opponent, nothing in football is entirely certain.
  • Belgium: If Belgium manages to beat Portugal in their upcoming match, Switzerland would face off against the star-studded Belgian side. Belgium is known for their attacking prowess and their golden generation of talent that includes Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku.
  • Denmark: The Danish team has put in a great performance in the tournament so far, and if they beat Wales in the Round of 16, Switzerland could face them in the quarter-finals. Denmark has already shown that they are a team to reckon with in this tournament, beating Russia 4-1 in their final group stage game.

Regardless of who their next opponent may be, Switzerland will have to bring their A-game to the pitch if they hope to continue their journey in the tournament. It will be interesting to see which team Switzerland faces, and how they match up against them.

In terms of predictions, Italy seems to be the most probable opponent, with their incredible form and their strong showing in the group stages. That being said, Belgium and Denmark are no pushovers and could pose a significant challenge to the Swiss side.

Possible Next Opponents for Switzerland Chance of Facing Them
Italy Most likely opponent
Belgium Depends on Belgium beating Portugal
Denmark Depends on Denmark beating Wales

With the tournament reaching its final stages, every game becomes more significant. Switzerland will have to be at their best to progress further in the Euros, and their next opponent could determine their fate.

FAQs about Are Switzerland Knocked Out of Euros

1. What does it mean that Switzerland is knocked out of Euros?

A: It means the Swiss national football team has been eliminated from the Euro 2020 championship.

2. When did Switzerland get knocked out of Euros?

A: Switzerland was knocked out of Euros on June 28, 2021, after losing to Spain in the round of 16.

3. How far did Switzerland go in the Euros?

A: Switzerland made it to the round of 16 in the Euros before getting knocked out.

4. What was the score of the match in which Switzerland got eliminated?

A: The match in which Switzerland got eliminated ended with a score of 1-1 after extra time, and they lost 3-1 in a penalty shootout.

5. Who were the key players for Switzerland in the Euros?

A: Some of the key players for Switzerland in the Euros were Xherdan Shaqiri, Granit Xhaka, and Yann Sommer.

6. When will the next Euro championship take place?

A: The next Euro championship is scheduled to take place in 2024.

7. What is the overall performance of Switzerland in the Euros?

A: Switzerland has participated in the Euros six times and has not won the championship yet.

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