Are TMs One Time in Pokemmo? Exploring the Use of Technical Machines in the Game

Have you ever wondered if TMs in Pokemon MMO Games are only usable once? Well, the answer is quite simple, and we are here to break it down for you. TMs or Technical Machines in Pokemon are important items that help players teach their Pokemon new moves, and they are highly valuable in the game. However, their usage has always been a topic of concern among new and seasoned players alike.

For those who are new to Pokemon MMO Games, TMs work differently than HMs or Hidden Machines, which can be used an infinite number of times. But for TMs, once a Pokemon learns the move, the item disappears, and it cannot be used again. So, if you’re planning to use a TM on a Pokemon, it’s crucial to choose wisely. As the moves your Pokemon learns determines how effective it will be in battles, using a wrong TM can severely affect your gameplay.

But wait, there’s also another way to get around the one-time use of TMs in Pokemon MMO Games. You can use the Move Relearner NPC in-game who can re-teach any moves that your Pokemon may have forgotten or didn’t learn. However, be aware that this is not a free service and costs both in-game currency and the specific Heart Scale item to use. So, it’s always best to make sure that you’re using the TMs on the right Pokemon and moves in the first place!

TMs in Pokemon games

TMs in Pokemon games are Technical Machines that contain moves that Pokemon can learn. These TMs can be found in various locations in the games and can be used repeatedly unlike the one-time use of HMs. In the earlier games, TMs were often given as rewards for defeating Gym Leaders or sometimes found in hidden locations. It was not until the later games that TMs could be bought at stores or found more easily.

Advantages of TMs

  • TMs allow players to teach their Pokemon new moves that they may not have been able to learn otherwise.
  • They can be used repeatedly, allowing players to teach the same move to multiple Pokemon without having to find another TM.
  • TMs can be saved to be used at a later time, giving players more flexibility in planning their team’s movesets.

TM Changes Over Time

In the early games, TMs were one-time use only. If a player used the TM and later wanted to give the same move to another Pokemon, they would need to find another copy of the TM. However, starting with Generation V, TMs could be used multiple times, making it much easier for players to teach the same move to multiple Pokemon. Additionally, in later games, TMs could be sold or traded, allowing players to exchange them with others or make some extra money.

TM List and Distribution

Each Pokemon game has a different set of TMs available in the game. They can be found in various locations and given as rewards, but in later games, they could also be purchased at Pokemarts. In some games, certain TMs could only be obtained through special events or distributed as part of promotions. The table below shows the TMs available in the most recent games:

TM Number Move Type Game(s)
TM01 Mega Punch Normal All
TM02 Dragon Claw Dragon All
TM03 Psyshock Psychic X/Y, OR/AS, S/M, US/UM
TM04 Calm Mind Psychic All
TM05 Roar Normal All
TM06 Toxic Poison All

Players should keep in mind that some TMs may be more useful than others depending on their team and playstyle. In order to make the most of your Pokemon’s abilities, it is a good idea to experiment with different combinations of moves and TMs.

Different types of TMS

TMs, or Technical Machines, are items in the Pokémon games that can teach a Pokémon a new move, and can only be used once. Here are the different types of TMs:

  • Regular TMs: These are TMs that teach a move to a Pokémon once. Once the TM is used, it disappears. There are a total of 100 different regular TMs across all the Pokémon games.
  • Multi-use TMs: These are TMs that can be used more than once. In the Pokémon games, this usually means that you can use the TM as many times as you like, but only on one Pokémon at a time. In Pokemmo there are only one use TMs.
  • Egg move TMs: These are TMs that teach moves that a Pokémon can only learn through breeding. These moves are called egg moves, because the Pokémon has to be bred with another Pokémon that knows the move in order to learn it. In Pokemmo there are only one use TMs.
  • Signature move TMs: These are TMs that teach a Pokémon its signature move. Each Pokémon has a unique signature move that only it can learn. These TMs are usually only found in specific locations or events in the game.

Regular TMs

Regular TMs are the most common type of TMs in the Pokémon games. They are usually found in specific locations in the game, or can be bought from certain NPCs. Once you use a regular TM on a Pokémon, the TM will disappear.

Each regular TM teaches a specific move to a Pokémon, and there are a total of 100 different regular TMs across all the Pokémon games. Some examples of regular TMs include TM01 (Focus Punch), TM29 (Psychic), and TM70 (Flash).

Signature Move TMs

Signature Move TMs are TMs that teach a Pokémon its signature move. Signature moves are unique moves that only a specific Pokémon can learn, and are usually associated with that Pokémon in some way. For example, Pikachu’s signature move is Volt Tackle, and Lucario’s signature move is Aura Sphere.

Pokémon Signature Move TM Number
Pikachu Volt Tackle TM 24 (Generation IV only)
Charizard Blast Burn TM 43 (Generation III only)
Garchomp Dragon Rush TM 51

Signature Move TMs are usually only found in specific locations or events in the game, and can be difficult to obtain.

How to Get TMS in Pokemon Games

Technical Machines, or TMs, are items that allow your Pokemon to learn new moves. TMs are a valuable asset in any Pokemon game as they can give your Pokemon the edge they need in battles. Here’s how you can get TMs in Pokemon games.

Where to Find TMs

  • Buy from Shops: TMs are available for purchase at various Pokemon shops in different towns throughout the game. The selection of TMs available for purchase will vary depending on the shop, and the prices will differ from town to town.
  • Reward for Battles: Winning battles against gym leaders, trainers, or in the Pokemon League can give you TMs as rewards. These TMs are often powerful and can only be obtained by defeating the right opponent.
  • Hidden in the Game World: Some TMs are hidden in the game world, requiring you to explore and discover hidden locations. These TMs are often powerful and rare, making them valuable additions to your collection.

Making the Most of TMs

Getting TMs is only half the battle. You also need to make sure you’re getting the most out of each TM you acquire. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Choose the Right TM: Make sure you’re using TMs on the right Pokemon. Consider each Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their moveset, to ensure you’re maximizing their potential.
  • Use TMs at the Right Time: Don’t waste your TMs on Pokemon that you don’t plan on keeping long-term. Save TMs for Pokemon that are part of your endgame team or have a specific use in upcoming battles.
  • TM Farming: In some Pokemon games, you can get multiple copies of TMs by teaching a Pokemon the move and then trading them away. If the traded Pokemon is requested while holding the TM, you’ll get the TM back. This process is known as TM farming.

TM List for Pokemon Games

Here’s a list of some of the most common TMs found in Pokemon games:

TM Number TM Name Move Type
TM01 Hone Claws Dark
TM02 Dragon Claw Dragon
TM03 Psyshock Psychic
TM04 Calm Mind Psychic
TM05 Roar Normal
TM06 Toxic Poison
TM07 Hail Ice
TM08 Bulk Up Fighting

Knowing where to find TMs and how to use them effectively will give you a powerful advantage in any Pokemon game. So get out there and start collecting those TMs!

Using TMS to teach moves to Pokemon

TMs or Technical Machines are items in the Pokémon games that can be used to teach moves to your Pokémon. These are one-time use items that also have a corresponding number. The TMs allow for trainers to improve their Pokémon’s move pool and ensure that their team can take on different types of opponents.

  • When using a TM, a player can choose to use it on any compatible Pokemon in their party or in their active roster.
  • It is important to note that once a TM is used on a Pokemon, it cannot be re-used or transferred to another Pokemon.
  • Some TMs can only be obtained once in the game, so using them wisely is crucial.

Using TMs on Pokemon can significantly impact one’s chances of winning battles, especially in higher difficulty levels. Having a diverse move pool with different types of moves can help cover weaknesses and give players an advantage in battles.

TMs are usually obtained by defeating Gym Leaders, completing specific in-game tasks, or purchasing them at a PokéMart. Each TM corresponds to a particular move, which can be checked before using it on a Pokemon. The table below shows a list of TMs, their corresponding move, and their location in PokeMMO:

Number TM Move Location
TM01 Hone Claws Route 110
TM02 Dragon Claw Dragonspiral Tower
TM03 Psyshock Route 9
TM04 Calm Mind Hoenn Safari Zone

Overall, using TMs to teach moves to Pokemon is a crucial aspect of the Pokemon gameplay. It allows for trainers to expand their move pool and cover their team’s weaknesses. However, players must use TMs wisely as they are one-time use items and some can only be obtained once in the game.

Advantages and disadvantages of using TMS

Teaching Machine Moves (TMs) are items in Pokemmo that provide permanent moves to Pokemons. They are single-use and can only be obtained once, usually by purchasing from a shop or finding them in the wild. There are pros and cons to using TMs, and this article will delve into each.


  • Unlimited Moves: TMs allow you to teach your Pokemon moves they normally cannot learn through leveling up. This provides versatility to your strategy when it comes to battling other trainers or the game’s AI. With TMs, you can customize your moveset to any Pokemon you have, making it a formidable force in battle.
  • Time-Saving Alternative: Leveling up a Pokemon can take time, especially if you’re looking for specific moves or evolution stages. TMs offer a quick-fix, and you won’t have to spend your time grinding out battles. It is also convenient to hold onto TMs until you have a Pokemon that can efficiently use them – saving you from wasting them on the wrong Pokemon.
  • Possible Competitive Edge: In competitive Pokemon, TMs can give you an edge over other players. With moves that are not typically seen on a particular Pokemon, you can surprise your opponent and catch them off guard. This makes it possible to take down even high-tier opponents who may be expecting a particular move set.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Lastly, TMs also add to the aesthetic of your Pokemon. You can design your Pokemon to suit your personality, making your team unique and challenging to predict in battle. TMs can turn a Pokemon into a specialist rather than a jack-of-all-trades.


While TMs come with its advantages, it also comes with some drawbacks.

  • Single Use Item: Unfortunately, TMs, once used, become a single-use item and cannot be regained. If swapped out, the move is lost, and a new TM will have to be used to re-teach it the move. This limits the adaptability of a Pokemon’s move set, and timing the TM use can be a strategic planning effort.
  • Not all TMs are Created Equal: Not all TMs are created equally. Some TMs have better moves than others, and these better moves tend to be rare and only obtainable through TMs. Some TMs can also become less useful later in the game.
  • TM Management: Teaching moves with TMs also requires management. To prevent or fix any accidental move forgetting, it is recommended to save before using a TM and using only when necessary.


Overall, TMs have been a controversial part of the Pokemon franchise since its inception. If used effectively, TMs create a game-changing dynamic to the Pokemon gameplay, allowing trainers to strategize and optimize their Pokemon’s potential. However, careful consideration must be given in choosing what TM to use and when to use it. Balancing the pros and cons must be considered to make the most out of the in-game mechanic.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Unlimited Moves Single Use Item
Time-Saving Alternative Not all TMs are Created Equal
Possible Competitive Edge TM Management
Aesthetic Appeal

Can TMS be reused in Pokemon games?

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon games, you know that TMs (Technical Machines) can be an essential part of building a strong team. Not only do they allow your Pokemon to learn new moves, but they can also be used as many times as you like. However, there are some questions about whether TMs can be reused in Pokemon games, which we will address in this article.

Why TMs are important in Pokemon games

  • TMs allow your Pokemon to learn new moves without having to level up or wait for specific events to occur.
  • They can be a great way to give your team an edge in battles.
  • Some TMs can only be found in specific areas, making them rare and valuable.

Can TMs be reused?

Yes, in most Pokemon games, TMs can be reused as many times as you like. Once a Pokemon learns a move from a TM, that move stays with the Pokemon forever, and they can use it in battles as many times as they like. This means that you won’t need to find another TM of the same move to teach it to a different Pokemon, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Exceptions to the rule

There are a few exceptions to the rule that TMs can be reused in Pokemon games. For example, in the first generation of games (Red, Blue, and Yellow), TMs could only be used once. This meant that if you wanted to teach a move to multiple Pokemon, you would need to find multiple copies of the same TM.

Another exception is the move Return in the fourth generation of games (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum). In these games, the power of the move is based on the happiness of the Pokemon using it. This means that if you use Return on a Pokemon that has a high happiness level, the move will be more powerful. However, if you use Return on a different Pokemon with a lower happiness level, the power of the move will be less. This means that you may need to use more TMs to get the desired power level of the move.


Overall, TMs are an essential part of building a strong team in Pokemon games. They can be reused in most games, which can save you a lot of time and effort. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule, so it’s important to check the specifics of each game to make sure you understand how TMs work in that game.

Generation TM Reuse Rule
1 (Red, Blue, Yellow) TMs can only be used once.
2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal) TMs can be reused.
3 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) TMs can be reused.
4 (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) TMs can be reused except for Return, which has variable power depending on the happiness of the Pokemon using it.
5 (Black, White, Black 2, White 2) TMs can be reused.
6 (X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire) TMs can be reused.
7 (Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon) TMs can be reused.
8 (Sword, Shield) TMs can be reused.

This table summarizes the TM reuse rules for each generation of Pokemon games.

Alternatives to using TMS in Pokemon games

Teachable Machines, or TMs, are items in the Pokemon games that allow trainers to teach their Pokemon a new move. However, TMs are often limited in quantity and can only be used once. Here are some alternatives to using TMs:

  • Breeding: Certain Pokemon can inherit moves from their parents through breeding. This allows trainers to create Pokemon with a unique moveset without relying on TMs.
  • Moves Tutors: Moves Tutors are NPCs in the Pokemon games that can teach certain moves to Pokemon in exchange for Battle Points (BP) or other items. Some versions of the Pokemon games also have Move Tutors that can teach rare and powerful moves.
  • Technical Records (TRs): TRs were introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games and are similar to TMs, but with a few key differences. TRs can be used multiple times, but can only be obtained through specific battles or by trading with other players.

Trainers can also use strategy to avoid using TMs altogether. For example, a Pokemon with a diverse movepool can be trained to learn moves that cover a variety of types and situations. This allows trainers to use their Pokemon in a variety of battles without relying on a single powerful move.

Another approach is to use items that boost the Pokemon’s natural abilities. For example, the X Attack item temporarily increases a Pokemon’s attack power, allowing them to deal more damage without using a powerful move.

Here is a table summarizing the alternatives to using TMs:

Alternative Description Games Available
Breeding Inherit moves from parent Pokemon All Pokemon games
Moves Tutors NPCs that teach specific moves in exchange for BP or other items Various Pokemon games
Technical Records (TRs) Similar to TMs, but can be used multiple times and obtained through specific battles or trading Pokemon Sword and Shield
Strategy Train Pokemon to have a diverse movepool and use items that boost natural abilities All Pokemon games

Trainers have many options when it comes to teaching their Pokemon new moves. By exploring these alternatives to TMs, trainers can create unique and powerful Pokemon with a varied moveset.

7 FAQs about TMs in Pokemmo

1. What are TMs?

TMs in Pokemmo are Technical Machines that allow you to teach your Pokemon new moves. These moves can be used in battle or outside of battle, depending on the type of move.

2. Can TMs be used more than once?

No, TMs can only be used once in Pokemmo. Once you use a TM on a Pokemon, the move is permanently learned and cannot be unlearned or used on another Pokemon.

3. How can I get TMs in Pokemmo?

You can get TMs in various ways in Pokemmo, such as buying them at a PokeMart, finding them in hidden locations throughout the game, or winning them as rewards from battles with other trainers.

4. Are TMs considered better than HMs?

TMs and HMs serve different purposes in Pokemmo. TMs are used to teach your Pokemon more powerful moves, while HMs are used to give your Pokemon special abilities necessary for navigating certain areas of the game (such as Cut for cutting down trees).

5. Can TMs be traded or sold?

Yes, TMs can be traded or sold to other players in Pokemmo. However, keep in mind that once a TM has been used, it is permanently learned by the Pokemon and cannot be unlearned.

6. Do all Pokemon in Pokemmo have access to TMs?

Not all Pokemon can use TMs in Pokemmo. Each Pokemon has its own set of learnable moves, and some TMs may only be usable by certain types of Pokemon.

7. Can TMs be used on multiple Pokemon at once?

No, each TM can only be used on one Pokemon at a time. If you want to teach the same move to multiple Pokemon, you will need to obtain multiple copies of the same TM.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope this FAQ has helped answer your questions about TMs in Pokemmo. Remember, TMs can only be used once and cannot be unlearned, so choose wisely when deciding which Pokemon to teach them to. Happy playing and be sure to check back for more Pokemmo content in the future!