Are Purified Pokemon Worth Keeping? A Comprehensive Analysis

There’s been an ongoing debate in the Pokemon fandom about purified Pokemon. Are they worth keeping, or are they just a waste of space in your collection? Personally, I believe they’re worth holding onto, especially when you take into account the unique benefits they offer that non-purified Pokemon don’t have.

For starters, purified Pokemon have a special boost in their stats that give them a bit of an edge in battle. While the difference may be subtle, it can be the deciding factor in a tough showdown. Additionally, these Pokemon are treated better by Gym Leaders, making it easier to earn their respect and climb the ranks.

But it’s not just about combat effectiveness and prestige. Purified Pokemon also have an undeniable charm to them that makes them all the more endearing. There’s something about seeing a pure, innocent creature grow and evolve into a powerful fighter that’s just heartwarming. And with all the different Pokemon out there, it’s always nice to have a few that stand out from the rest. So, to all the Pokemon trainers out there, don’t let anyone tell you that purified Pokemon aren’t worth keeping. They may just surprise you with their strength and lovable personalities.

The Pros and Cons of Purified Pokemon

With the introduction of Pokemon GO’s Team Rocket feature, players are now given the option to purify their captured Shadow Pokemon. But is it worth it? Here are the pros and cons of purified Pokemon:

  • Pros:
    • Purified Pokemon have their stats boosted by 2.
    • Purified Pokemon’s Attack IV is boosted by 2 points.
    • Purified Pokemon’s Defense IV is boosted by 2 points.
    • Purified Pokemon’s HP IV is boosted by 2 points.
    • Purified Pokemon require less Stardust and Candy to power up and evolve.
  • Cons:
    • Purified Pokemon lose their Shadow moves, which can be more powerful than their standard moves.
    • Purified Pokemon lose out on the chance of being traded for lucky Pokemon, which have better IVs than normal Pokemon.
    • Purified Pokemon may have higher CP than regular Pokemon, but regular Pokemon still have the potential to have better IVs.

While the benefits of having a purified Pokemon are clear, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks as well. Players should weigh the pros and cons and decide what is best for their individual playstyle and goals.

How to Purify a Shadow Pokemon

Shadow Pokemon are dark and corrupted creatures that require purification to be fully restored to their natural state. Here are the steps to purify a shadow Pokemon:

  • Obtain a Purification Chamber: A Purification Chamber is a device that can be obtained in the Pokemon Colosseum game. It is used to purify shadow Pokemon and requires certain conditions to be met for the purification process to be successful.
  • Battle with your Shadow Pokemon: Shadow Pokemon need to battle and gain experience in order to purify. By battling and winning battles, the Pokemon will slowly regain its natural state.
  • Use Items: There are certain items that can be used on Shadow Pokemon to speed up the purification process. The most common one is the Time Flute, which is a special flute that can be played to awaken the Pokemon’s heart.

In summary, purifying Shadow Pokemon can be a time-consuming process that requires patience and battle skills. However, the end result is worth it as purified Pokemon are more powerful and can learn exclusive moves.

Benefits of Purifying Shadow Pokemon

Purifying Shadow Pokemon is not only essential for their well-being but also has several benefits for the players. Here are some of the key advantages of keeping purified Pokemon:

  • Purified Pokemon have a higher maximum Health Points (HP) and more resistance to status effects such as sleep or paralysis.
  • Purified Pokemon are more likely to have perfect IVs (Individual Values). IVs determine the Pokemon’s potential for combat and are random, but purified Pokemon have a higher chance of having perfect stats.
  • Purified Pokemon can learn special moves that shadow Pokemon cannot learn.

Purification Chamber Requirements

To use the Purification Chamber, specific criteria must be met to increase the chances of success. Here are the requirements:

  • Have a full party of six Pokemon: The purification process requires at least three Pokemon to be present in the Purification Chamber at a time, and the other three must be held in reserve.
  • Place Pokemon of opposing natures on either side of the Shadow Pokemon: The nature of the Awakening and Miror B. Pokemon in the chamber will affect the purification process of the Shadow Pokemon in the middle.
  • Use a Time Flute: The Time Flute is a rare item that is required for some Shadow Pokemon to be purified. If used at the right time, it can speed up the purification process.
Pokemon Shadow Move Purified Move
Umbreon Pursuit Quick Attack
Espeon Shadow Ball Psychic
Typhlosion Shadow Rush Flamethrower
Crobat Shadow Blitz Wing Attack

In conclusion, purifying shadow Pokemon comes with many benefits and requires patience, skills, and items to be successful. Players can use the Purification Chamber to increase their odds of success and earn unique moves for their purified Pokemon.

Are Purified Pokemon Stronger?

Pokémon GO has introduced the concept of purifying Pokémon as a way to make them stronger and more valuable. However, there is still some confusion about the real benefits of purifying Pokémon and whether they are, in fact, worth keeping.

  • Purified Pokémon have a stat boost:
  • When you purify a Pokémon, it gains a significant increase in its attack, defense, and stamina stats. This can make it a great option for gym battles, raids, and other battles where having a stronger lineup of Pokémon is essential. The boost in stats is similar to the boost that a Pokémon with a high IV would have. This means that if you have a low IV Pokémon, purifying it could actually make it stronger than a high IV Pokémon that hasn’t been purified.

  • Purified Pokémon cost less to power up and evolve:
  • In addition to the stat boost, purified Pokémon cost less stardust and candy to power up and evolve. This can be a significant benefit, especially for rarer or hard-to-find Pokémon that can require a lot of resources to fully power up.

  • Purified Pokémon cannot learn their pre-evolution’s exclusive move:
  • There is one downside to purifying Pokémon, and that is they lose their exclusive move that only their pre-evolution can learn. This is only the case if the Pokémon was caught during certain promotional events. If you’re looking to collect Pokémon with unique moves and using them in battles, it may be best to keep un-purified versions.

Despite losing out on the unique moves, the benefits of purifying Pokémon are significant. Purifying Pokémon can be a great way to make them stronger and more valuable in battles while saving resources in the long run. Just remember to keep an eye out for those exclusive moves before purifying them.

In conclusion, purifying Pokémon is something that is definitely worth doing if you’re looking to bolster your lineup and make them more effective in battles. With the stat boost and reduced cost to power them up, purifying Pokémon can be a great investment for long-term gameplay. However, it’s always important to consider your own personal goals and preferences when deciding whether or not to purify your Pokémon.

Stat Boost
Attack +2
Defense +2
Stamina +2

Remember that purifying a Pokémon can also be a great way to save resources in the long run. By reducing the cost of powering up and evolving a Pokémon, you can save stardust and candy that can be used on other Pokémon. This can be especially helpful for rarer Pokémon that require a lot of resources to fully power up. Additionally, the stat boost that comes with purifying a Pokémon is similar to the boost that high IV Pokémon have, making it a great option for battling.

The Importance of Purifying Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Team Rocket has invaded Pokemon Go and the only way to stop them is by purifying their corrupted Pokemon. Purifying Pokemon is an important aspect of the game that not only helps to save the Pokemon but also gives trainers several benefits.

Benefits of Purifying Pokemon

  • Increased CP: A purified Pokemon gains a significant boost to its combat power, making it more useful in battles.
  • Cheaper Power-Ups: Powering up a purified Pokemon requires less stardust and candy compared to non-purified ones.
  • Fast Charge Attack: Purified Pokemon can learn a unique move called Return, which is a fast charge attack. This move deals damage based on the happiness level of the Pokemon and can quickly knock out opponents.

Purification Process

Purifying a Pokemon requires a certain amount of stardust and candy, depending on its evolution stage. Once purified, the Pokemon’s appearance changes, becoming brighter and sporting a white aura. The move Frustration, which was previously imprinted on the Pokemon, is also replaced with the Return move.

Purifying Legendary Pokemon

Purifying legendary Pokemon can be a tedious process due to their high stardust and candy requirements. However, their purified forms are more powerful and can be used in raids or gym battles. The table below shows the stardust and candy requirements for purifying legendary Pokemon:

Pokemon Stardust Required Candy Required
Articuno 20,000 20
Zapdos 20,000 20
Moltres 20,000 20
Mewtwo 20,000 20
Entei 40,000 40
Suicune 40,000 40
Raikou 40,000 40
Lugia 75,000 75
Ho-Oh 75,000 75
Regirock 20,000 20
Regice 20,000 20
Registeel 20,000 20

Purifying Pokemon may seem like a small detail in the game, but it can make a significant impact on a trainer’s strategy and gameplay. It not only makes the Pokemon stronger but also helps to fight against Team Rocket’s tyranny and their evil deeds.

Best Strategies for Purifying Pokemon

Purified Pokémon are those that have been saved from Team Rocket’s clutches and undergone purification to remove their Shadow status. While many trainers may think that purified Pokémon are not worth keeping or investing in, there are some key strategies that make them valuable additions to your team.

  • Higher IVs: Purified Pokémon have a guaranteed IV increase of 2, making them potentially stronger than their non-purified counterparts.
  • Cheaper Power-ups: Purified Pokémon require less Stardust and Candy to power up compared to non-purified Pokémon. This can be especially beneficial for rarer or harder-to-find Pokémon.
  • Quick Charge Moves: Purified Pokémon are guaranteed to learn the charge move Return, which is a quick and powerful move that can be useful in battles.

With these benefits in mind, here are some of the best strategies for purifying Pokémon:

1. Purify Common Pokemon: While it may not be worth it to purify every Pokémon, it can be beneficial to purify common ones that you can easily catch or evolve. This can help boost your overall team strength and provide a cost-effective way to improve your roster.

2. Purify High IV Pokemon: If you catch a Pokémon with high IVs, it may be worth purifying it for the guaranteed stat increase. This can be especially beneficial for rare or hard-to-find Pokémon that you want to invest in.

3. Use Purified Pokemon in Raids: Purified Pokémon have a shorter revive time and can be useful in raids. Their lower power-up cost also means that you can invest in them more easily and quickly to prepare for a big raid.

4. Invest in Purified Legendaries: While it may be difficult to catch and purify Legendary Pokémon, it can be worth it to invest in them for their high stats and rare movesets. Purified legendaries can be especially useful in raids and gym battles.

Pokemon Name Type Best Move Set
Zapdos (Purified) Electric/Flying Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt
Mewtwo (Purified) Psychic Confusion, Psystrike
Lugia (Purified) Psychic/Flying Extrasensory, Aeroblast

5. Focus on High-CP Purified Pokemon: Purified Pokémon have a cap of level 25, but their CP can still be high depending on their IVs and original level. Focus on purifying high-CP Pokémon to get the most out of their potential and boost your overall team strength.

How to Identify Purified Pokemon

With Team Rocket invading our Pokemon GO world, we now have the chance to purify Shadow Pokemon to make them stronger and cuter. But how do we identify a Purified Pokemon?

  • A small icon of a white feather appears next to the Pokemon’s name in the Pokemon detail screen.
  • The background of the Pokemon’s avatar in your storage will be light blue instead of dark purple.
  • The word “Purified” appears below the moveset of the Pokemon in the detail screen.

Now that you know how to identify a Purified Pokemon, let’s take a closer look at why you might want to keep them.

The Benefits of Keeping Purified Pokemon

Purified Pokemon have some distinct advantages over their non-Purified counterparts. Here are a few reasons why you might want to hold on to these newly purified creatures:

  • Purified Pokemon have their IVs boosted by two, making them stronger overall.
  • In battles against Team Rocket, Purified Pokemon deal more damage and take less damage from Shadow Pokemon.
  • Some Purified Pokemon have exclusive moves that cannot be obtained through TMs or evolution.

Overall, Purified Pokemon can be a valuable addition to your collection, offering stronger stats, unique moves, and an advantage in Rocket battles.

The Cost of Purifying Pokemon

While the benefits of Purified Pokemon are clear, there is a cost to purifying them. Each Pokemon requires a certain amount of Stardust and Candy to purify, based on its species and CP level.

The cost of purifying a Pokemon can vary greatly, from a few thousand Stardust and Candy for low-level Pokemon to tens of thousands for high-level ones. In addition, you may need to catch multiple Shadow versions of a species to get the right combination of CP and IVs.

Despite the cost, Purified Pokemon can be a worthwhile investment for trainers who are looking to maximize their collection’s potential.

Purified Pokemon and PvP

Purified Pokemon can also be valuable for trainers who participate in PvP battles. While Shadow Pokemon have higher attack stats, they also take more damage from all sources, making them a risky choice in battles against other trainers.

Purified Pokemon, on the other hand, have higher overall stats and take less damage from Shadow Pokemon, making them a safer and potentially more effective choice in battles.

Type Vulnerable to Strong against
Purified None Shadow
Shadow All Purified

As you can see from the table above, Purified Pokemon have no vulnerabilities and are strong against Shadow Pokemon. By adding a few Purified Pokemon to your roster, you can round out your PvP team and increase your chances of victory.

In conclusion, while purifying a Shadow Pokemon can be costly, the benefits are clear. With higher overall stats, unique movesets, and an advantage in Rocket battles and PvP, Purified Pokemon are well worth holding on to.

Trading Purified Pokemon: Is it Worth it?

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you might have already heard of purified Pokemon. These are special Pokemon that have gone through a cleansing process to remove their shadowy energy. But are they worth keeping? Let’s take a closer look at trading purified Pokemon.

  • Purified Pokemon have a lower cost for power-ups: When you purify a Pokemon, its power-up cost is reduced by 50%. This means you can level it up faster and spend less stardust. This makes purified Pokemon ideal for those who want to save stardust for other Pokemon as you can get more mileage out of it without investing as much stardust.
  • Trading purified Pokemon can have bonuses: When you trade a purified Pokemon, the other player will receive a discount on the power-up cost too, which could make it more valuable. Plus, there’s a chance that the purified Pokemon could turn lucky, which means it will require even less stardust to power up. Trading purified Pokemon is generally recommended, especially if you have multiples of the same Pokemon.
  • Purified Pokemon have boosted stats: After purification, the Pokemon’s stats are slightly boosted, making them stronger than their non-purified counterpart of the same level. This means that purified Pokemon will have higher CP, HP, and other stats, which could make them stronger in battle.

If you compare it to Shadow Pokemon, purified Pokemon are less risky. Trading a Shadow Pokemon requires a lot of stardust due to their high power-up cost and they cannot be traded as frequently as purified Pokemon. In terms of rarity, Shadow Pokemon are much harder to get, but purified Pokemon are easier to obtain in comparison.

Overall, trading purified Pokemon is a good idea as they have a reduced power-up cost, have boosted stats, and there’s a chance for them to become lucky when traded.

Pros Cons
Reduced power-up cost Lower rarity compared to Shadow Pokemon
Boosted stats May not have a place in your current lineup
Possibility of turning lucky

So, if you have a purified Pokemon that you’re not using or have multiples of it, it’s highly recommended that you trade it to someone as there’s potential for it to turn lucky, which could make it more valuable. Plus, the reduced power-up cost and boosted stats make purified Pokemon a worthwhile addition to your collection.

Are purified Pokemon worth keeping?

What are purified Pokemon?

Purified Pokemon are those that have been rescued from Team Rocket’s Capture and go through a purification process, also known as purification chambers, that removes the corruption brought upon them.

What benefits do I get from keeping purified Pokemon?

Purified Pokemon have improved stats, making them stronger than their non-purified counterparts. They also get a special move, Return, which deals compatibility damage to opponents while healing the user.

Is it worth it to spend resources on purification?

If you plan on using the purified Pokemon for battles, then definitely! The improved stats and Return move give you an advantage over opponents. It also adds to the richness of your collection!

What happens to a purified Pokemon’s moveset?

Moves are not affected during purification, so your purified Pokemon will keep its original moveset. However, it will learn Return when purified.

Can I still evolve a purified Pokemon?

Yes, you can still evolve a purified Pokemon and they will retain the benefits of purification.

Will purified Pokemon always have better stats?

Not necessarily. While purified Pokemon generally have better stats than non-purified, it ultimately depends on the individual Pokemon and its IVs.

Should I keep my non-purified Pokemon or transfer them all?

It depends on personal preference. If you have a sentimental attachment or rarity to a specific non-purified Pokemon, then you can keep it. Otherwise, it’s beneficial to transfer them for candy or use them to exchange for stronger Pokemon.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Purified Pokemon are definitely worth keeping as they provide a variety of benefits in battles and add to the depth of your collection. Remember to purify whenever possible to take advantage of the improved stats and the special move! Come back and visit us again soon for more helpful Pokemon tips!