Character Reference Example For A Friend

When your friend asks for a character reference, it’s important to make sure your letter reflects their positive qualities. A well-written character reference can make a difference in their future opportunities. In this article, we’ll provide examples and tips for writing a character reference for a friend.

Tips for Writing a Character Reference For a Friend

Before we provide examples, it’s important to know the basics of writing a character reference. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Start with a title

The title of your character reference should reflect the reason for the reference. For instance, if your friend is applying for a job, you can title your letter “Employment Reference for [Your Friend’s Name].”

Tip #2: Be Detailed and In-Depth

When writing a character reference, it’s important to be specific and provide examples of your friend’s qualities. For instance, instead of saying they are “hardworking,” provide an example of a time they worked long hours to complete a project.

Tip #3: Think Step by Step

Break your letter down into sections to make sure you cover all the important points. Begin with an opening that introduces yourself and your relationship with your friend. Then, move on to the body of the letter where you provide examples of their qualities. Finally, close with a statement of recommendation.

Examples of Character Reference For a Friend

Employment Reference for John Smith

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to recommend John Smith for the position of Marketing Manager. I have known John for five years, and in that time, I have seen him demonstrate incredible leadership and marketing skills.

John has a talent for creating marketing campaigns that engage audiences and drive sales. He is always looking for new ways to innovate and stay ahead of industry trends. His work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. I am confident that John would excel in this position.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Character Reference for Sarah Johnson’s College Application

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to recommend Sarah Johnson for admission to your esteemed university. I have known Sarah since high school, and she has always impressed me with her intelligence, creativity, and dedication to her studies.

Sarah is a natural leader who works well in groups and is always willing to help her classmates. She has a passion for learning that is infectious, and I have no doubt she will excel at your university.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Personal Reference for Michael Brown’s Citizenship Application

Dear Immigration Officer,

I am writing to support the citizenship application of Michael Brown. I have been Michael’s friend for over a decade, and I can attest to his character and commitment to the United States.

Michael has always been an upstanding citizen who follows the law and contributes to his community. He is a hard worker who provides for his family and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. I am honored to call Michael my friend and believe he would make an outstanding citizen.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Reference for Jane Doe’s Volunteer Work

Dear Volunteer Coordinator,

I am writing to recommend Jane Doe for your volunteer program. Jane is a dear friend who has always impressed me with her passion for helping others.

Jane has volunteered with several nonprofit organizations over the years and has made a significant impact in her community. She is a natural leader who motivates those around her and has a talent for organizing events and fundraisers. I believe she would be a great asset to your organization.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Rental Reference for David Lee

Dear Property Manager,

I am writing to recommend David Lee as a tenant in your property. I have known David for several years and have always found him to be responsible and dependable.

David is a hardworking individual who takes great care of his home and belongings. He is respectful of others and easy to communicate with. I have no doubt that he would make an excellent tenant.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Character Reference for Emily Brown’s Child Custody Case

Dear Judge,

I am writing to provide a character reference for Emily Brown in her child custody case. I have known Emily for several years and have always been impressed with her dedication and love for her children.

Emily is a devoted mother who has always put her children’s needs first. She provides a safe and nurturing environment for them and is always looking for ways to improve their lives. I believe she would be an excellent custodial parent.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Reference for Matt Anderson’s Business Loan Application

Dear Loan Officer,

I am writing to recommend Matt Anderson for a business loan. I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for several years and have always been impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

Matt has a proven track record of success in the business world and has always been responsible and trustworthy with his finances. He has a clear vision for his business and I believe he has the potential to take it to the next level with the help of a loan.

Sincerely,[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a character reference be?

Character references should be one to two pages in length, depending on the specific requirements of the situation. It’s important to provide enough detail to support your friend’s positive qualities without rambling or repeating yourself.

What should I include in a character reference?

In a character reference, you should include an introduction that establishes your relationship with your friend, specific examples of their positive qualities, and a statement of recommendation that sums up your endorsement of your friend.

How should I format a character reference?

Character references should be formatted similarly to a business letter, with your contact information in the upper left-hand corner, the date below that, and the recipient’s contact information below the date. Use a professional font, such as Times New Roman or Arial, and single spacing with double spacing between paragraphs.

How do I address a character reference?

If you know the recipient’s name, address your reference to them directly (e.g. “Dear Hiring Manager”). If you don’t know the recipient’s name, use a general greeting such as “To Whom It May Concern.”

What should I avoid in a character reference?

Avoid negative comments or criticisms about your friend, as these can diminish the impact of your letter. Stick to positive qualities and specific examples of your friend’s strengths.

Should I offer to provide additional information?

It’s a good idea to offer to provide additional information if needed, such as your contact information or the best times to reach you. However, don’t go overboard with this – one or two lines offering assistance is sufficient.

Can I use a template for my character reference?

Yes, you can find many character reference templates online that you can edit and customize for your specific situation. However, be sure to personalize the template and add specific examples of your friend’s qualities to make your letter stand out.


Writing a character reference for a friend can be a rewarding experience that helps them achieve their goals. By following our tips and using our examples, you can craft a compelling letter that reflects your friend’s strengths and positive qualities. Remember to be specific, use examples, and keep your letter concise and to the point. Good luck!