Who is the 4th Darkin? Unraveling the Mystery of League of Legends’ Legendary Warriors

Deep in the shadows of the League of Legends universe lies a mystery that has long been forgotten. Who is the 4th Darkin? Fans of the game have speculated for years about the identity of this mysterious and ominous figure. With so much talk surrounding the Darkin, it’s no surprise that players are curious and eager to find out more about them.

To fully comprehend the significance of the 4th Darkin, one must have some basic knowledge about these entities. The Darkin are ancient, powerful beings, imbued with immense strength and magical abilities. They are demonic in nature, and they have long been feared by those who know of their existence. There are currently three known Darkin: Aatrox, Varus, and Rhaast. Each of these characters has a rich backstory that has been explored in depth by Riot Games, but the fourth Darkin remains unknown.

Given the immense popularity of League of Legends, it’s easy to see why fans are intrigued by the possibility of a new Darkin character being introduced. The game’s lore runs deep, and devoted players are always eager to learn more about it. But until the fourth Darkin is revealed, we can only speculate and imagine what their story might entail. Will they be a hero or a villain? Only time will tell, but until then, players will continue to theorize and eagerly await the secret reveal of the 4th Darkin.

The Darkin Lore in League of Legends

The Darkin are powerful, ancient beings in League of Legends that have been locked away for centuries. According to the game’s lore, they were once a group of celestial warriors who fell from grace and became corrupt. The Darkin were known for their immense power and the ability to manipulate weapons and life essence.

The story of the Darkin began when they were tasked with protecting the universe from the Void, a dangerous and destructive force. They quickly became infatuated with the power they could wield and became more focused on conquering their enemies than on fulfilling their mission. The other celestial beings chose to lock them away in special weapons, hoping that keeping them sealed would prevent them from causing harm.

  • The first Darkin was named Aatrox, a blade that was said to be infused with his life essence. He was the first to fall and the most bloodthirsty, known for his violent tendencies and desire for destruction.
  • The second was called Varus, a powerful bow that could shoot arrows made of pure darkness. He became consumed with hatred and revenge, using his power to destroy anyone that crossed him.
  • The third Darkin was Rhaast, a scythe-like weapon that could corrupt and manipulate the life essence of those it touched. Rhaast was known for his cunning and his ability to manipulate others to do his bidding.

With the recent release of the Darkin champion Kayn, many players have been speculating about who the fourth Darkin could be. Some think it could be a new champion, while others believe it could be a previously released champion that has yet to be revealed as a Darkin.

Regardless of who the fourth Darkin is, one thing is for certain – the power and lore behind these ancient beings make for an exciting addition to the League of Legends universe.

What are the Darkin?

The Darkin are an ancient race of powerful, immortal entities that have been trapped in weapons for over a millennium. Once grand and mighty beings, they were bound to their weapons in a war against humanity that saw them defeated and imprisoned. Over time, their names and legacies faded into legend, with many believing them to be nothing more than mythical creatures. However, the world of Runeterra was once again made aware of their existence when the champion Aatrox was introduced to League of Legends in 2013.

  • The Darkin are characterized as being incredibly powerful and skilled in combat, with an insatiable thirst for battle and destruction.
  • They each have unique abilities and powers, with many of them being able to manipulate blood magic or shapeshift into monstrous forms.
  • Their personalities and motives vary greatly, with some seeking to enslave or destroy humanity, while others are more focused on regaining their former power and glory.

Since the introduction of Aatrox, two other Darkin have been revealed – Varus and Rhaast. Their respective weapons, the Bow of the Darkin and the Scythe of the Darkin, allow them to harness incredible power in battle while also slowly corrupting their minds and bodies. But the question remains – who is the fourth Darkin?

Speculation runs rampant among League of Legends fans, with many theories ranging from established characters such as Kayn or Swain to entirely new champions. Only time will tell who the fourth Darkin will be and what impact they will have on the world of Runeterra.

The Significance of Being a Darkin

The Darkin are a group of powerful, immortal beings in the world of League of Legends who were created to fight against the Void, an even more powerful force that threatens to consume everything in its path. But what makes being a Darkin so significant? Let’s explore.

  • Immortality: The Darkin are immortal beings who have lived for thousands of years. This means they have a unique perspective on the world and the struggles of mortals.
  • Power: The Darkin possess immense power and abilities that mortals can only dream of. They can manipulate elements, control minds, and even shape reality to their will.
  • Legacy: The Darkin have a rich history and story that spans thousands of years. Their legacy has been recorded in various forms of media and has become a source of inspiration for many.

But the most significant aspect of being a Darkin is their connection to the Void. Each Darkin was created to fight against the Void and its minions. They are the only ones who possess the power to stop the Void from destroying everything. However, their prolonged existence has led some Darkin to lose sight of their original purpose and instead use their powers for personal gain.

Despite their power and immortality, the Darkin are not invincible. They can be defeated, but it comes at a great cost. The only way to truly defeat a Darkin is to destroy their physical form and imprison their essence. This task can only be accomplished with the help of powerful magic and a team of skilled fighters.

Name Title Main Weapon
Aatrox The Darkin Blade Greatsword
Rhaast The Darkin Scythe Scythe
Varus The Darkin Bow Bow and Arrow
[Unknown] [Unknown] [Unknown]

One mystery that still remains is the identity of the fourth Darkin. It has been hinted at in the League of Legends lore and community, but no one knows for sure who this Darkin is or if they even exist. What we do know is that if the fourth Darkin ever revealed themselves, it would have a significant impact on the world of League of Legends.

Overall, to be a Darkin is to possess immense power and longevity, a rich history, and a connection to a greater purpose. Each Darkin has a unique story to tell, and it is up to the players of League of Legends to uncover the mysteries of their lore.

How many Darkin are there?

Darkin are an ancient race of powerful and immortal beings in the League of Legends universe. There are currently five known Darkin, although some believe that there may be more hidden in the lore of the game.

  • Aatrox, the Darkin Blade
  • Varus, the Arrow of Retribution
  • Rhaast, the Darkin Scythe (also known as Kayn when not fully corrupted)
  • An unnamed Darkin, potentially the fourth in the group
  • The final Darkin and their identity are still unknown

The first three Darkin were introduced in the game in 2013 with the release of Aatrox, followed by Varus in 2012 and Kayn (as Rhaast) in 2017. Although the fourth Darkin has not been officially revealed, speculation has been growing about their identity and abilities.

According to some lore theories, the fourth Darkin might be a character that has already been introduced in the game. Popular fan speculation suggests that it could be either Vladimir, Swain, or even Irelia. However, until Riot Games – the developers behind League of Legends – reveal the fourth Darkin, we can only guess.

Darkin Weapon Known Abilities
Aatrox Greatsword Massive damage output and healing abilities
Varus Bow and arrow Can launch piercing arrows that deal damage over time
Rhaast/Kayn Scythe Can possess and take over the body of its wielder, bestowing incredible powers
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown

Overall, the Darkin are a fascinating and powerful aspect of the League of Legends universe. Although we only know about five of them, there is undoubtedly more to come as the game continues to evolve and develop.

The Story of Aatrox, the First Darkin

Aatrox is the first known Darkin in League of Legends lore. According to his story, he and his kin were once noble warriors who fought for their people. However, their thirst for battle and power transformed them into bloodthirsty beings known as the Darkin.

Aatrox was once known as the “Weapon of the Faithful” and was revered by those who fought on the frontlines. However, his transformation into a Darkin brought destruction and despair to those around him.

  • Some speculate that Aatrox’s descent into darkness was due to the influence of the Void, a mysterious and dangerous force in the League of Legends universe.
  • Others believe that the Darkin’s own arrogance and desire for power led to their downfall.
  • Regardless of the cause, Aatrox and his kin were driven by their desire to conquer and dominate the world around them.

The Darkin were eventually defeated and imprisoned by a coalition of powerful champions, but Aatrox was able to escape his confinement. He now seeks to regain his former power and unleash destruction upon the world once again.

In the League of Legends game, Aatrox is a powerful melee champion with the ability to heal himself and deal devastating damage to his enemies. His lore and unique design have made him a fan favorite among gamers, and his story continues to intrigue and captivate players.

Fun Fact: The name “Aatrox” is derived from the Greek name “Atreus,” which means “terrific” or “frightful.”

Whether you’re a fan of the game or just intrigued by the fascinating universe of League of Legends, the story of Aatrox and the Darkin is one that will continue to captivate and inspire players and fans alike.

The identity of the second Darkin, Varus

Varus is the second Darkin to be revealed in the League of Legends universe, and he has a fascinating backstory that is sure to intrigue players. He was once a noble warrior of Ionia, but he became corrupted by the Darkin’s influence and gave himself over to their twisted power. Now, Varus is a remorseless killer who seeks only to hunt down those who stand in his way.

  • Varus was first introduced to League of Legends players in 2012 as a ranged AD carry whose kit revolved around using his Q ability to stack blight on enemies and then detonating it with his other abilities for massive damage.
  • In 2018, Riot Games released a new skin for Varus called “Dark Star Varus” that gave him a new look and updated his lore to make him a Darkin.
  • According to his updated lore, Varus was once a warrior named Valmar who was stationed in the Temple of Pallas in Ionia, where he worked to keep the peace between the region’s different factions.

Valmar was married to a woman named Kai who was skilled in the bow and arrow. One day, Noxian invaders attacked the temple, killing Kai and the other monks and sages who lived there. Valmar was left badly injured but was taken in by the Darkin who promised to heal his wounds and give him the power to exact his revenge on his enemies.

Over time, Valmar became more and more consumed by the Darkin’s power until he could no longer distinguish himself from the Darkin he hosted within him. He took on the name Varus and set out to hunt down and kill any who stood in his way.

Base stats Leveling Stat Growth coefficient
AD: 61 AD 3.11
AS: 0.658 AS 3.1
Armor: 27 Armor 3.4

If you’re interested in playing Varus, then you should know that he can be a tricky champion to master. His high skill ceiling means that it will take some time to get used to his kit and learn how to use his abilities in the most effective way possible. However, if you put in the time to learn Varus, then you’ll be rewarded with a champion who has a lot of versatility and can be played in a variety of roles including top, mid, and bot lane.

Shadow Assassin Kayn and the Darkin Scythe, Rhaast

Shadow Assassin Kayn is one of the two forms that Kayn can transform into after he acquires his weapon, the Darkin scythe, Rhaast. Rhaast is one of the Darkin, an ancient and powerful race of weapons that have been bound to mortal hosts for centuries. With the Darkin scythe, Rhaast, Kayn is able to tap into its immense power and transform into either the Shadow Assassin or the Darkin.

  • In his Shadow Assassin form, Kayn is a deadly and agile assassin. He possesses unparalleled mobility and can move in and out of fights with ease, dealing massive damage to his opponents.
  • On the other hand, when Kayn transforms into the Darkin, he becomes a durable and powerful bruiser. He gains immense strength and can take a lot of damage while dishing out significant punishment.
  • Kayn’s transformation into either form is determined by his playstyle and the number of enemies he has killed in a given game. If he kills more ranged champions, he will transform into the Shadow Assassin, while if he kills more melee champions, he will transform into the Darkin.

But who is the 4th Darkin that Rhaast mentioned in his quotes? Fans have been speculating for years about the identity of this mysterious Darkin. Some believed that it could be Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, who was possessed by two darkin entities. However, in the lore, it is revealed that Varus was actually created by the corruption of two Noxian hunters.

The question of the 4th Darkin remains a mystery for now, and fans eagerly wait for any hints or clues that Riot Games may release in future updates or champions. Until then, players can continue to enjoy playing as Kayn and experimenting with his two deadly forms.

Who Is the 4th Darkin: FAQs

Q: What is a darkin?

A: Darkin is a race of powerful, sentient weapons that have the ability to possess and inhabit the bodies of mortal beings.

Q: Who are the known darkins?

A: The three known darkins are Aatrox, Rhaast, and Varus.

Q: Why is there a speculation about the 4th darkin?

A: The League of Legends lore suggests that there is a 4th darkin that is yet to be introduced.

Q: Who could potentially be the 4th darkin?

A: There are a few theories surrounding who could be the 4th darkin, some popular suggestions include the champion Kayn, former Noxian general Sion, or the upcoming champion Viego.

Q: Will Riot Games confirm the identity of the 4th darkin?

A: Riot Games has not yet confirmed the identity of the 4th darkin, but fans continue to speculate and theorize.

Q: What impact would the 4th darkin have on the League of Legends lore?

A: Adding a new darkin would expand the League of Legends universe and potentially introduce new storylines and conflicts for players to explore.

Q: When will we find out the identity of the 4th darkin?

A: There is no confirmed timeline for when we will find out the identity of the 4th darkin, but fans eagerly await any updates from Riot Games.

Closing thoughts

Thanks for reading about the mysterious 4th darkin! While we may not know who it is yet, the speculation and theories keep the League of Legends community engaged and excited. Keep an eye out for any updates from Riot Games, and we’ll see you on the rift!