Who Is Tessa Virtue’s Husband? Get to Know the Man Behind the Olympic Figure Skating Champion

As one of the most successful ice dancers in Canadian history, Tessa Virtue’s talent and determination have earned her numerous accolades and a legion of fans around the world. However, many of her supporters may be curious about the other half of her remarkable partnership – her husband. So who exactly is Tessa Virtue’s husband?

The answer is simple – Tessa Virtue isn’t married! While she has been linked to a few romantic interests over the years, the truth is that Virtue has always remained fiercely focused on her career and sport above all else. As such, she has dedicated herself fully to her skating, often with the support of her longtime partner Scott Moir.

Of course, while Tessa Virtue may not have a husband (or a romantic partner at all, for that matter), she still has plenty of love in her life. From her supportive family to her incredible fanbase, Virtue knows that she doesn’t need someone by her side to be happy and fulfilled. As one of the most accomplished and talented athletes in the world, it’s hard to imagine that she could ever have any other mentality.

Tessa Virtue’s figure skating career

Tessa Virtue is a Canadian retired ice dancer who, along with her skating partner Scott Moir, is considered one of the greatest ice dancers in history. Virtue started skating at the age of six and quickly developed a passion for it. Over the years, she has won numerous awards and accolades, including two Olympic gold medals, three world championships, and eight Canadian national titles.

  • Early career:
  • Virtue’s early career was marked by consistent success. She and Moir won the Canadian Junior National title twice, in 2004 and 2005. In 2006, they became the first Canadian ice dancers to win the World Junior Championships.

  • Olympic debut:
  • Virtue and Moir made their Olympic debut at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where they won the gold medal with a world record score for their free dance. This victory made them the first North American ice dancers to win the Olympic gold medal.

  • Continued success:
  • After their Olympic triumph, Virtue and Moir continued to dominate the ice dance scene. They won gold medals at the 2011 and 2012 World Championships and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. They took a break from competition after Sochi but returned in 2016, winning their third world championship title. They retired from competitive skating in 2018 after winning their second Olympic gold medal.

Tessa Virtue’s husband

Despite her widespread fame, Tessa Virtue is very private when it comes to her personal life. She rarely discusses her relationships in public, but it is known that she is not married. As of now, she has never been publicly linked with anyone, making her relationship status a mystery.

Tessa Virtue’s charitable work

Apart from being a remarkable figure skater, Tessa Virtue is also an active philanthropist. She has donated her time and resources to various charities, including the Ronald McDonald House, which supports families of seriously ill children, and the Canadian Cancer Society. Virtue is also an ambassador for Special Olympics Canada and is a strong advocate for mental health awareness.

Tessa Virtue’s training regimen

To achieve the level of success that Virtue has, she had to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. Virtue’s training regimen involved several hours of intense daily practice, which included ballet classes and off-ice strength training. She also worked with mental performance coaches to help her stay focused and confident.

Training Component Details
On-ice practice Virtue and Moir practiced between 4 to 5 hours every day, with additional sessions during competition season.
Ballet classes They took ballet classes to improve their posture, balance and flexibility.
Off-ice strength training The duo worked on building their core strength, balance, and endurance through weight training, Pilates, and cardio exercises.
Mental performance coaching They worked with a mental performance coach to help them stay focused and mentally prepare for competitions and performances.

In summary, Tessa Virtue has had an extraordinary figure skating career that has earned her numerous accolades and made her a household name. She has also been an active philanthropist and a strong advocate for mental health awareness. Finally, her training regimen shows how hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset can pave the way to success.

Tessa Virtue’s Partnership with Scott Moir

When it comes to ice dancing, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are a household name. This Canadian duo has been performing together for over 20 years, and their chemistry on the ice is undeniable. But what makes their partnership so special?

  • Longevity: Virtue and Moir began skating together in 1997, when they were just kids. They have been dancing together ever since, a rarity in the competitive world of ice dancing.
  • Mutual Respect: One key to their partnership is the mutual respect they have for each other. They trust each other completely on the ice, which allows them to take risks and push boundaries.
  • Complementary Styles: Virtue and Moir have different skating styles and strengths, but they complement each other perfectly. Their teamwork and synchronization are crucial to their success.

Over the years, Virtue and Moir have won numerous awards and accolades for their performances. They have won three Olympic medals, including two gold medals in ice dancing.

But it’s not just their technical skills that make them stand out. Virtue and Moir are known for their emotional performances, which often tell a story and connect with audiences on a deep level.

Year Competition Medal
2010 Olympic Games Gold
2014 Olympic Games Silver
2018 Olympic Games Gold

Off the ice, Virtue and Moir have a close friendship and have often been asked about the nature of their relationship. While they have denied any romantic involvement, they acknowledge the deep emotional connection they share as partners.

Virtue and Moir have announced their retirement from competitive ice dancing, but their impact on the sport will be felt for years to come. Their partnership has been one of the most successful and enduring in the history of ice dancing, and they will always be remembered as one of the greatest duos to ever grace the ice.

Tessa Virtue’s Olympic Achievements

Tessa Virtue, the Canadian ice dancer, has had an impressive career, marked by several remarkable achievements. A list of her Olympic achievements highlights her skill, hard work, and dedication to her craft.

  • Gold Medal in 2010 Winter Olympics: Tessa Virtue first made history in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics by winning a gold medal in ice dancing with partner Scott Moir. They were the first North American team to win in the discipline, and Virtue and Moir became the youngest pair to win the Olympic gold medal in ice dancing.
  • Gold Medal in 2018 Winter Olympics: Tessa Virtue repeated her feat in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where she and Moir won another gold medal in ice dancing. Their performances were exceptional and flawless, winning them the highest score ever recorded in the discipline.
  • Two-Time Silver Medalist: Tessa Virtue won two silver medals in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, in the ice dance and the team event. She missed out on the gold medal by just 0.79 points in the ice dance event, putting on a mesmerizing performance with Moir.

Besides these achievements, Tessa Virtue holds other remarkable records and has received recognition for her contribution to figure skating as a sport.

Her broad and diverse range of achievements in the sport can be viewed in the table below.

Achievements Count
Olympic gold medals 2
Olympic silver medals 2
World Championships gold medals 3
World Championships silver medals 2
Grand Prix Final gold medals 4
Canadian Championships gold medals 8

Overall, Tessa Virtue’s Olympic achievements stand as a testament to her exceptional talent and hard work, inspiring millions around the world to pursue excellence in their respective fields.

The Love Story of Tessa Virtue and Her Husband

Tessa Virtue, one of the most successful Canadian ice dancers of all time, has captured the hearts of fans all over the world with her grace, beauty, and skill on the ice. But what many people may not know is that off the ice, Tessa has found her own happily ever after with her husband, Scott Moir.

  • Who is Scott Moir?
  • Scott Moir is Tessa Virtue’s ice dance partner and now husband. He was born on September 2, 1987, in London, Ontario, Canada, and began skating with Tessa when he was just eight years old. Since then, they have become one of the most famous ice dance teams in the world.

  • Their Love Story
  • While Tessa and Scott’s professional partnership is well-known, their romantic relationship is a bit more elusive. They have been close friends since childhood and have often been asked about their romantic status. Despite the rumors, they maintained that they were just friends for many years.

    However, in their book, Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold, they finally admitted that they had dated briefly in their teenage years. Still, at that time, they decided to remain friends and focus on their skating partnership.

    It was only in recent years that their love story took a romantic turn once again. They officially announced that they were dating in 2017 and got engaged in late 2019.

  • Their Wedding
  • In July 2021, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with only close family and friends in attendance. The couple shared the news on their respective social media accounts, where they posted several stunning photos from their special day.

What’s Next for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir?

Now that Tessa and Scott are married, many fans are wondering what their future holds. While they have retired from competitive ice dancing, they continue to perform together in shows and exhibitions around the world.

They have also been vocal about their desire to use their platform to make a positive impact on the world. In 2020, Tessa and Scott launched their own social media platform called “The Scott and Tessa Show,” where they share their insights on life, skating, and their personal journeys.

Year Award
2010 Olympic Gold Medalist
2014 Olympic Silver Medalist
2018 Olympic Gold Medalist

Tessa and Scott are also involved in philanthropic efforts, including the Virtue Moir Foundation, which supports various charitable causes and organizations. With their talent, charisma, and passion for doing good, there’s no doubt that Tessa and Scott will continue to make a positive impact on the world for years to come.

Tessa Virtue’s philanthropy work

Tessa Virtue, the Olympic gold medalist and Canadian figure skater, has been actively involved in philanthropy work for several years now. She has been a part of various campaigns that are aimed at bringing positive change to the world. Her charitable efforts have made an impact in various communities and have touched many lives.

  • Tessa Virtue Foundation: Tessa Virtue established her own charitable organization, Tessa Virtue Foundation, in 2018. The foundation’s mission is to support and empower young girls in sports and education. The foundation provides grants to programs that encourage leadership, physical activity, and academic excellence. Through her foundation, Tessa aspires to create a world where gender does not limit anyone’s opportunities.
  • Right to Play: Tessa Virtue is an ambassador for Right to Play, a global organization that focuses on providing athletic programs to underprivileged children. The organization uses sports and play to promote development, conflict resolution, and social growth. Tessa’s involvement with the organization has raised awareness and funds for children in some of the most impoverished regions around the world.
  • We Movement: Tessa Virtue is a dedicated supporter of We Movement, a charity that aims to educate and empower young people to take action for social change. Tessa has shown her support by participating in various We Day events and inspiring young people to make a difference in their communities. Through her involvement, Tessa hopes to inspire the next generation of leaders who will continue to make the world a better place.

Tessa Virtue’s philanthropy work extends beyond her involvement with charities. She has also used her platform to inspire positive change and promote important causes. Tessa has spoken out about mental health and has advocated for greater access to mental health resources. She has also been vocal about her support for the LGBTQ+ community and has shown her solidarity through various social media campaigns.

Tessa Virtue’s dedication to philanthropy work is an inspiration to many. She has used her platform and fame to make a positive impact in the world, and her efforts have created a ripple effect of kindness and generosity. Through her philanthropy work, Tessa has shown that anyone can make a difference, regardless of their background or status.

Charity Organization Mission
Tessa Virtue Foundation To support and empower young girls in sports and education
Right to Play To provide athletic programs to underprivileged children
We Movement To educate and empower young people to take action for social change

Tessa Virtue’s Fashion Statement

Aside from her impressive career as a figure skater, Tessa Virtue is also known for her fashion choices both on and off the ice. Her bold and daring looks have gained her recognition as a style icon in Canada and beyond.

Tessa Virtue’s Fashion Staples

  • High-collared and long-sleeved dresses – Virtue is often seen wearing dresses with high collars and long sleeves, which give off a sophisticated and elegant vibe.
  • Crop tops and high-waisted pants – For a more casual look, Virtue opts for crop tops and high-waisted pants. This combination accentuates her toned figure while still maintaining a sense of comfort and ease.
  • Statement jackets – Virtue is not afraid to make a statement with her outerwear. She has been seen wearing leather jackets, fur coats, and brightly colored blazers that add a pop of color to her overall look.

Tessa Virtue’s On-Ice Fashion

Tessa Virtue’s fashion sense extends beyond her daily wardrobe. As a figure skater, she also puts a lot of thought into her costumes. Virtue’s costumes are always carefully designed and crafted to reflect the music and theme of her performances.

One of her most notable on-ice costumes was the blue and silver dress she wore for her free dance performance with partner Scott Moir at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The dress was designed to look like flowing water, which perfectly complemented their routine set to the music of “Moulin Rouge.”

Tessa Virtue’s Collaboration with Hudson’s Bay

Virtue’s influence in the fashion world led to a collaboration with Canadian retail giant Hudson’s Bay. The Tessa Virtue Collection features clothing items and accessories personally selected by Virtue herself. The collection reflects her personal style – sophisticated, elegant, and chic.

Tessa Virtue in Hudson's Bay Collection Tessa Virtue in Hudson's Bay Collection

From her striking red coat to her oversized plaid scarf, the collection embodies Virtue’s fashion sense and provides fans with a chance to emulate her style.

The impact of Tessa Virtue in Canadian sports culture

Tessa Virtue is not only a household name in Canada but also a celebrated figure in the world of figure skating. She has not only gained international recognition but also transformed the Canadian sports culture in many ways. In this article, we explore the impact of Tessa Virtue in Canadian sports culture.

Her Olympic Success

  • Tessa Virtue and her ice dance partner Scott Moir won the gold medal in ice dancing at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
  • They were the first North American team and the youngest team ever to win the Olympic gold medal
  • Tessa and Scott went on to win two more Olympic gold medals in ice dancing at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

Inspiring a New Generation of Athletes

Tessa Virtue’s success has undoubtedly motivated young Canadian figure skaters to pursue their dreams of respective sports careers. Tessa Virtue has inspired young female athletes across the country to take up figure skating and strive for excellence.

Speaking about her impact, Tessa Virtue said, “I think it’s important to have role models, and it’s an honor to think that young athletes look up to us and want to be like us. And I think it’s important to embrace that and try to be the best role models we can be.”

Charitable and Philanthropic Work

Tessa Virtue has been very active in supporting various charitable causes and organizations. She has worked with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, SchoolBOX, and Plan Canada and has played an active role in fundraising for these organizations.

In 2019, Tessa Virtue launched the “Be You” campaign to support young female Canadian athletes. The campaign aims to provide support, resources and a platform for young girls to pursue their athletic dreams.

Impact on Popular Culture

Tessa Virtue’s success has not only inspired young athletes but also made her a pop culture icon in Canada. She has been featured in numerous magazines and interviewed on popular television programs in Canada. She has also made appearances on shows like “Ellen” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Her influence in popular culture has also extended into fashion, with her elegant and stylish outfits being featured in numerous magazines and social media platforms.


Positive Effects Negative Effects
Inspiration to young athletes Pressure to maintain success
Increased interest in figure skating and sports Increased scrutiny and pressure from media
Charitable and philanthropic contributions Increased public attention and scrutiny

Overall, Tessa Virtue’s impact on Canadian sports culture has been immense. Her success has not only inspired young Canadian athletes to pursue excellence but also brought positive attention and interest to the sport of figure skating in Canada. Her contributions to charitable causes have also helped to make a positive impact in communities across Canada.

FAQs about Who is Tessa Virtue Husband

1. Who is Tessa Virtue Husband?

Tessa Virtue’s husband is not officially known to the public. She prefers to keep her romantic life private, so there is no information available on her current relationship status.

2. Has Tessa Virtue ever been married?

There is no evidence to suggest that Tessa Virtue has ever been married. She has maintained a low-profile about her personal life and romantic relationships.

3. Who was Tessa Virtue’s previous romantic partner?

Tessa Virtue has never disclosed her past romantic relationships publicly. It is unclear if she has dated anyone in the past.

4. Is Tessa Virtue dating anyone currently?

It is unknown if Tessa Virtue is dating anyone currently. She has not disclosed any details about her current romantic life.

5. Has Tessa Virtue been engaged before?

Tessa Virtue has not publicly confirmed if she has ever been engaged before. She prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

6. What is the name of Tessa Virtue’s boyfriend or husband?

Tessa Virtue has never revealed the name of her boyfriend or husband to the public. She keeps her private life under wraps.

7. Does Tessa Virtue have children?

There is no information that suggests Tessa Virtue has children. She has not been reported to have any children.

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