What is the Best Nergigante Weapon for Hunting? Our Top Picks

We all know that Nergigante is the king of the Elder Dragons, but what’s the best weapon to take him down? With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one to use, especially if you don’t have the time to try them all out. Luckily, after hours of research and in-depth testing, we’ve finally found the top Nergigante weapon that will give you the best chance of taking down this formidable foe.

If you want a weapon that combines both power and speed, you can’t go wrong with the Nergigante Hammer. This weapon is perfect for delivering devastating blows that can take out even the toughest monsters. Its high damage output is complemented by its ability to charge up attacks, making it a flexible weapon that can be used for both quick strikes and heavy damage. Plus, with its unique bonus of being able to regenerate your health by dealing damage, you can stay in the fight for even longer.

If you’re after something with a little more range, then the Nergigante Bow is a great option. This weapon packs a punch when it comes to dealing damage from afar, thanks to its arsenal of arrows that can hit weak spots with deadly accuracy. It also comes equipped with coatings that can boost your damage output, making it a versatile weapon that can take on just about anything. So whether you’re looking for a close-range weapon or something that can hit your target from a distance, the Nergigante Bow is definitely worth considering.

Nergigante Weapon Materials

To craft the mighty Nergigante weapon, you need to gather the right materials. The Nergigante weapon materials can be found by defeating the Nergigante in the game. If you can kill the Nergigante, you will get access to some of the most powerful materials in the game. These materials are essential for crafting the best Nergigante weapons. Here are some of the materials that you will need:

  • Nergigante Talon
  • Nergigante Horn
  • Nergigante Gem
  • Large Elder Dragon Bone
  • Thickbonto

The Nergigante Talon is a very important material and is essential for crafting the Nergigante weapons. The Nergigante Horn can also be used to craft the weapons, but is less important than the Talon. The Nergigante Gem is a very rare and valuable item that can be used to upgrade the Nergigante weapons to their most powerful form. The Large Elder Dragon Bone is also required for crafting the weapons and can be obtained by defeating the Elder Dragons in the game. The Thickbonto is another essential material and can be obtained by defeating the Nergigante.

Overall, the Nergigante weapon materials are some of the most important materials in the game. Without them, you won’t be able to craft the best Nergigante weapons. Keep in mind that the Nergigante is one of the toughest creatures in the game and requires a lot of skill to defeat. It’s worth the effort though, as the Nergigante weapon is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Sharpness and Affinity

When it comes to the best Nergigante weapon, sharpness and affinity are two important factors to consider. Sharpness affects the amount of damage a weapon can deal, while affinity determines the likelihood of landing a critical hit.

  • Sharpness: The higher the sharpness stat on a weapon, the more damage it can deal. Nergigante weapons have high base raw damage, and their sharpness levels depend on the specific weapon type. For example, the Nergigante Longsword has a blue sharpness bar, while the Nergigante Hunting Horn has a white sharpness bar. Generally, weapons with higher sharpness levels are preferred as they deal more damage and don’t require sharpening as often.
  • Affinity: Affinity is expressed as a percentage and determines the probability of landing a critical hit. Negative affinity means that the weapon has a chance to deal less damage than usual, while positive affinity means that it has a chance to deal more. Nergigante weapons generally have low to neutral affinity, but some, such as the Nergigante Charge Blade, have positive affinity. High affinity weapons are preferred as they offer more opportunities for critical hits.

It’s important to note that some Nergigante weapons can be augmented to improve their sharpness and affinity stats. The Nergigante Greatsword, for example, can be augmented with an affinity increase that raises its affinity to 10%, making it a more viable option for critical builds.

In summary, when choosing the best Nergigante weapon, consider both sharpness and affinity. Look for weapons with high sharpness levels and positive affinity to maximize your damage potential. And if you have the resources, consider augmenting your weapon to further improve its stats.

Weapon Type Sharpness Level Affinity
Longsword Blue -20%
Dual Blades White -15%
Sword and Shield Blue 0%
Lance Blue -20%

The above table shows some examples of Nergigante weapons and their sharpness and affinity stats. Keep in mind that these stats can vary depending on the specific weapon and any augmentations applied.

Elemental or Raw Damage

When it comes to choosing the best Nergigante weapon, one of the main considerations is whether you should focus on elemental or raw damage. Before deciding, it’s important to understand the difference between the two.

Raw damage refers to the base damage of a weapon. It doesn’t take into account any elemental properties that the weapon may have. The higher the raw damage, the more damage you’ll deal with each hit. This can be particularly effective against monsters that aren’t particularly susceptible to any specific element.

On the other hand, elemental damage refers to damage caused by the elemental properties of a weapon. Each monster in Monster Hunter World is more vulnerable to a specific element. For example, monster A may be weak to fire while monster B may be weak to thunder. If you’re using a weapon with an elemental property that a monster is weak against, you’ll deal significantly more damage with each hit.

Pros and Cons of Elemental Damage

  • Pros: If you’re using a weapon with the correct element for a specific monster, you’ll be dealing significantly more damage with each hit. Elemental damage can also be useful in breaking monster parts which can lead to more rewards.
  • Cons: Weapons with elemental properties typically have lower raw damage which means you may be dealing less damage against monsters that aren’t weak to a particular element. Additionally, you’ll need to switch out weapons for each monster to optimize your damage output.

Pros and Cons of Raw Damage

If you choose to focus on raw damage, you’ll be dealing consistent damage regardless of a monster’s elemental weaknesses. This can be particularly effective against monsters that don’t have any major elemental vulnerabilities. However, you may need to hit the monster more times to deliver similar damage to what you would get with an elemental weapon.

It’s also worth noting that weapons with high raw damage tend to be slower, which can make them harder to use effectively. If you’re looking to maximize your damage output with a raw damage weapon, you’ll need to work on your timing and positioning to ensure you’re landing critical hits consistently.

Comparison Table

Elemental Damage Raw Damage
Effective against monsters weak to a specific element Consistent damage regardless of elemental weaknesses
Lower raw damage Slower weapons
Need to switch out weapons for each monster May need to hit monster more times to deliver similar damage

Ultimately, the choice between elemental and raw damage will depend on your playstyle and the monsters you’ll be fighting. If you prefer a faster weapon with the ability to cause massive damage against monsters that are weak against a specific element, you’ll want to choose a weapon with an elemental property. If you prefer a slower, more consistent weapon that will deal damage regardless of elemental weaknesses, focus on raw damage.

Weapon Types (Sword and Shield, Great Sword, etc.)

When it comes to taking down Nergigante, choosing the right weapon type is crucial for your success. Each weapon has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to find the one that best suits your playstyle.

  • Sword and Shield: This weapon type is great for those who want to be nimble and quick on their feet. With the ability to use items while the weapon is unsheathed, Sword and Shield users can quickly heal or buff themselves while in combat. Additionally, the shield can be used to block attacks, providing some defense against Nergigante’s powerful attacks. However, the Sword and Shield’s damage output can be underwhelming compared to other weapon types.
  • Great Sword: This weapon type is all about raw power. Great Swords deal massive damage with each strike, making them great for players who prefer a slower, methodical playstyle. However, the weapon’s slow swing speed and long animation times can leave players vulnerable to Nergigante’s attacks.
  • Dual Blades: If you’re looking for speed and agility, the Dual Blades might be the weapon type for you. These weapons allow for quick, rapid attacks that can quickly chip away at Nergigante’s health. However, the low damage per hit means that it can take longer to take down the monster compared to other weapon types.

While each weapon type has its own advantages and disadvantages, there are a few that stand out as being particularly effective against Nergigante.

The Charge Blade is one of the best weapons you can use against Nergigante due to its ability to deal massive damage and guard against attacks. The weapon’s phial mechanic allows for powerful attacks that deal explosive damage, while the shield allows you to block incoming attacks and mitigate damage.

Weapon Name Attack Power Sharpness Elemental Damage
Doom’s Shaft 693 Blue Dragon (360)
Nergal Whisper 759 Blue None
Nergal Crusher 920 Blue None

Another great weapon to use against Nergigante is the Heavy Bowgun. With its ability to deal ranged damage from a safe distance, the Heavy Bowgun can easily chip away at Nergigante’s health while avoiding his attacks. Additionally, the weapon’s shield mod can provide some defense against Nergigante’s powerful attacks.

Ultimately, the best weapon to use against Nergigante is the one that you feel most comfortable with. Each weapon type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and finding the one that suits your playstyle is key to taking down this fearsome monster.

Weapon Augmentation Options

When it comes to picking the best weapon to take down Nergigante, there are a few factors to consider. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is which weapon augmentations to use. With the right augmentations, you can significantly boost your weapon’s power and make it easier to take down this formidable foe.

  • Affinity Increase: This augmentation increases your weapon’s affinity, which is the chance that your attacks will do critical damage. With a higher affinity, you’ll deal more damage overall and be more likely to take down Nergigante quickly.
  • Attack Increase: This augmentation boosts your weapon’s raw attack power. If you want to make sure that your strikes hit extra hard, this is the augmentation for you. Just keep in mind that it won’t improve your weapon’s sharpness or affinity.
  • Health Regen: This augmentation allows your weapon to drain a portion of the damage you deal back as health. This is particularly useful when fighting Nergigante, since it’s an aggressive monster that can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Defense Increase: This augmentation increases the defense of your weapon, making it more durable and less likely to break during a fight with Nergigante. If you find that your weapon is frequently breaking, this could be a good option for you.
  • Element/Status Increase: Depending on your weapon, you may be able to augment it to increase its elemental or status effects. This can be a great way to exploit Nergigante’s weaknesses and deal extra damage.

Of course, you don’t need to pick just one augmentation. In fact, you can typically add up to three different augmentations to your weapon, depending on its level. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best for you.

If you’re not sure which augmentations to select, it can be helpful to look up some recommended builds online. Keep in mind that different weapons will benefit from different augmentations, so what works best for one weapon may not work well for another.

Weapon Type Recommended Augmentations
Long Sword Health Regen, Affinity Increase, Attack Increase
Bow Element/Status Increase, Affinity Increase, Health Regen
Hammer Attack Increase, Health Regen, Affinity Increase
Switch Axe Element/Status Increase, Health Regen, Attack Increase

Keep in mind that these recommendations are just guidelines and that you should experiment with different augmentations to find what works best for your playstyle. With the right combination of weapon augmentations, you’ll be better prepared to take on Nergigante and emerge victorious.

Best Build for Nergigante Weapons

As one of the most formidable monsters in Monster Hunter World, Nergigante requires a weapon that can deliver reliable damage and withstand its relentless attacks. Here, we will cover the best builds for Nergigante weapons that will help you take down this beast with ease.

  • Long Sword: The Divine Slasher is the ideal choice for a long sword build. It has high sharpness, good raw damage, and is easy to obtain. Pair it with the Drachen armor set for maximum damage output.
  • Sword and Shield: The Empress Edge “Styx” is the best choice for this weapon type. With high blast damage and the ability to sharpen itself, it’s a versatile and reliable choice. Combine it with the Empress armor set for maximum sharpness, blast damage, and critical hits.
  • Dual Blades: The Fire and Ice dual blades are a great choice for this type of weapon. They have high elemental damage and good sharpness. Combine them with the Drachen armor set for maximum damage output.
  • Great Sword: The Wyvern Ignition “Impact” is the go-to choice for a great sword build. It has high raw damage and good sharpness, making it a reliable and powerful option. Pair it with the Drachen armor set for maximum damage output.
  • Hammer: The Diablos Shatterer II is the best hammer for a Nergigante build. It has high raw damage and can easily break Nergigante’s spikes. Combine it with the Diablos armor set for maximum damage output.
  • Charge Blade: The Diablos Tyrannis II is the best choice for a charge blade build. It has high raw damage and can easily break Nergigante’s spikes. Pair it with the Drachen armor set for maximum damage output.

If you prefer to use a different weapon type, focus on building for high raw damage, sharpness, and affinity. Additionally, it’s important to consider skills like Weakness Exploit, Maximum Might, and Critical Boost to maximize your damage output. Finally, be sure to augment your weapon with a health regen augmentation to help you sustain through Nergigante’s attacks.

Weapon Type Recommended Build
Long Sword Divine Slasher + Drachen Armor Set
Sword and Shield Empress Edge “Styx” + Empress Armor Set
Dual Blades Fire and Ice + Drachen Armor Set
Great Sword Wyvern Ignition “Impact” + Drachen Armor Set
Hammer Diablos Shatterer II + Diablos Armor Set
Charge Blade Diablos Tyrannis II + Drachen Armor Set

With these builds and related strategy for each weapon, you are sure to be more than prepared when it comes to taking on Nergigante.

Effective Combos and Strategies for Nergigante Weapon Users

When it comes to taking down Nergigante, having the right weapon and strategy is crucial. Below are some effective combos and strategies for Nergigante weapon users:

  • Charge Blade: Use the Super Amped Elemental Discharge combo to deal massive damage to Nergigante’s weak spots. This combo is performed by charging the sword and shield, then discharging the SAED while in axe mode.
  • Long Sword: Focus on building up spirit gauge levels and using spirit combos to deal heavier damage. In particular, the Foresight Slash can be used to counter Nergigante’s attacks and chain into a spirit combo.
  • Dual Blades: Utilize demon mode to increase your damage output and dodge Nergigante’s attacks. The Demon Flurry Rush can deal heavy damage, and the Blade Dance combo can be used to follow up on successful dodges.
  • Hammer: Focus on using powerful charge attacks to deal heavy damage. The Big Bang Combo, which is performed by charging the hammer and unleashing multiple hits, is an effective way to knock down Nergigante.
  • Switch Axe: Use the Zero Sum Discharge combo to deal considerable damage to Nergigante’s weak points. This combo is performed by latching onto Nergigante with the axe mode, then unleashing powerful hits while draining your phial gauge.
  • Great Sword: Utilize charged attacks and tackles to deal massive damage to Nergigante. The True Charged Slash combo, which involves charging up three successive slashes and unleashing them all at once, can deal devastating damage if executed properly.
  • Lance: Focus on using counterattacks and thrusts to deal consistent damage to Nergigante while also blocking its attacks. The Power Guard allows you to tank Nergigante’s most powerful attacks and follow up with a counter hit.

Nergigante Weaknesses and Recommended Skills

Knowing Nergigante’s weaknesses and which skills to prioritize can also help you take down this formidable monster:

Nergigante’s main weak points are its head, forelegs, and tail. Weapons with high Elderseal, such as the Dragonbone weapons, can also help suppress Nergigante’s aggressive behavior and make it easier to deal damage.

Recommended skills for taking down Nergigante include the Health Boost skill, as Nergigante’s attacks deal heavy damage, and the Earplugs skill to avoid being stunned by its roar. Other useful skills include Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, and Attack Boost to increase your damage output.

Avoiding and Countering Nergigante’s Attacks

Nergigante is a fast and aggressive monster, but there are ways to avoid and counter its attacks:

  • Stay mobile and be prepared to dodge or block its charges and tail swipes. The Superman Dive can also be used to evade some of Nergigante’s most powerful attacks.
  • When Nergigante rears up and dives towards you, try to anticipate its trajectory and position yourself to the side or behind it. You can then follow up with a counterattack.
  • When Nergigante roars, use the Earplugs skill or dodge to avoid being stunned. You can then follow up with an attack as it recovers from the roar.
  • When Nergigante goes into its final phase and starts glowing red, be extra cautious and try to avoid its most powerful attacks. If you have the Temporal Mantle, use it to automatically dodge Nergigante’s attacks and counter with your own.
Attack How to Avoid/Counter
Charges Dodge or block, or use Superman Dive
Tail swipes Dodge or block
Dives Position yourself to the side or behind, then counterattack
Roars Use Earplugs or dodge, then counterattack
Red aura attacks Be extra cautious and avoid the most powerful attacks

By following these effective combos and strategies, knowing Nergigante’s weaknesses and recommended skills, and avoiding and countering its attacks, you’ll have a much better chance of taking down this formidable monster and emerging victorious.

What is the Best Nergigante Weapon?

  • What makes Nergigante weapons so special?
  • Nergigante weapons are unique because they have hidden elements that become active when you attack an enemy. These weapons are also known for their high Elderseal value, which can prevent Elder Dragons from using their special abilities.

  • Which Nergigante weapon is the best for melee attacks?
  • The Nergigante Hammer is the best choice for melee attacks. It deals massive damage and has a high affinity rate, which means you have a better chance of landing a critical hit. However, the Nergigante Great Sword and Long Sword are also great options.

  • What about ranged attacks?
  • The Nergigante Bow is the best choice for ranged attacks. It has a high elderseal value, deals dragon damage, and has a long-range. It also has a unique ability that increases damage with each consecutive shot.

  • What makes the Nergigante Switch Axe different from other Switch Axes?
  • The Nergigante Switch Axe stands out because of its high affinity rate and hidden dragon element. It also has a unique ability that allows you to morph from axe mode to sword mode mid-combo.

  • Which Nergigante weapon is the best for defense?
  • The Nergigante Charge Blade is the best choice for defense. It has a high elderseal value, hidden dragon element, and can block enemy attacks. It also has a unique ability that allows you to charge up your shield for even more defense.

  • What are the other Nergigante weapons available?
  • Other Nergigante weapons include the Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, and Lance. All of these weapons have hidden elements and high elderseal values.

  • Are Nergigante weapons worth the effort?
  • Absolutely! Nergigante weapons are among the best in the game, and their unique abilities make them even more valuable. Plus, taking down Nergigante is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope this guide helped you decide which Nergigante weapon to use. Remember to experiment with each one and find what works best for your playstyle. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!