What Episode Do Shikamaru and Temari Get Together? Exploring the Relationship of Naruto’s Most Endearing Pair

If you’re a fan of Naruto, then you might be familiar with the dynamic between Shikamaru and Temari. These two characters have been teasing us with their chemistry since the very beginning, and viewers have been eager to see them finally get together. But the question on everyone’s mind is: what episode do Shikamaru and Temari get together?

After some digging, I can finally answer that question: Shikamaru and Temari finally become official in episode 493 of Naruto Shippuden. It’s been a long time coming, but fans of the series will no doubt be overjoyed to see these two characters finally taking their relationship to the next level.

Of course, getting together is only the first step. There’s still a lot of story left for these two characters, and it will be interesting to see how their dynamic evolves now that they’re an official couple. But for fans who have been shipping Shikamaru and Temari for years, this episode is definitely a must-watch. So clear your schedule, grab some popcorn, and get ready to finally see these two characters get the happy ending they deserve.

Shikamaru and Temari’s Relationship Timeline

The relationship between Shikamaru and Temari in the Naruto series was one of the most talked-about romances. It started with a simple friendship, which gradually developed into something much more significant. Let’s dive deeper into the timeline of Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship:

  • The Meeting: Shikamaru and Temari first met during the Chunin Exams in the series. They were opponents who fought against each other in the third test. Although they didn’t interact much during the battle, it was clear that they had mutual respect for each other’s skills.
  • Friendship: After the Chunin Exams, Shikamaru and Temari’s friendship began to blossom. They continued to encounter each other during various missions and training sessions. Over time, they grew comfortable with each other, and their conversations became much more friendly.
  • The Confession: Shikamaru’s feelings for Temari began to become more apparent during the Fourth Great Ninja War Arc. During a critical moment, Shikamaru confided in Temari, declaring that he would never let her die. This confession marked the turning point in their relationship, letting Temari know about Shikamaru’s true feelings for her.

The above-mentioned points touch only the highlights of Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship timeline. For a more in-depth understanding, let’s have a look at the table below:

Event Description
The Meeting Shikamaru and Temari first meet during the Chunin Exams
Friendship Shikamaru and Temari’s friendship develops over missions and training sessions
The Confession Shikamaru confesses his feelings for Temari during the Fourth Great Ninja War Arc
Official Couple Shikamaru and Temari are confirmed as a couple in the Boruto series

As we can see from the table, Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship timeline spans over several years. Their journey from mere acquaintances to a couple shows how Naruto’s story incorporated romance in its plotline perfectly.

Temari’s First Appearance in Naruto

Temari is the older sister of the Sand siblings: Gaara and Kankuro. Her first appearance was in “Naruto” episode 20 titled “A New Chapter Begins: The Chunin Exam!” where she participated as one of the proctor of the Chunin Exams. She was sent by her village, Sunagakure, to help with the exams being hosted in Konohagakure (the Leaf Village).

Key Moments in Temari’s Early Appearances

  • Temari established herself as a strong, no-nonsense character eager to beat the children participating in the exam.
  • She was initially dismissive towards Shikamaru, whom she saw as a lazy opponent she could quickly defeat.
  • Temari became more impressed by Shikamaru’s tactical abilities as the exams progressed and the two eventually form a friendly rivalry.

The Beginning of Shikamaru and Temari’s Relationship

It wasn’t until “Naruto” episode 215, titled “A Past to Be Erased,” that Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship truly began to develop. During the retrieval mission to save Gaara, Temari indirectly expresses her concern for Shikamaru and his friends. This is a significant moment as it marks the start of Temari showing a more personal and caring side towards Shikamaru.

Later in the episode, Shikamaru confessed to Temari that he was struggling to come to terms with the idea of always fighting and losing his friends. Temari offers supportive and wise words, and the two share a moment where they understand each other’s pain. This moment establishes a deep connection between the two and serves as a foundation for their eventual romantic relationship.

Temari and Shikamaru’s Relationship Progression

Over the course of both “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuden,” Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship grows stronger. They both exhibit moments of concern, support, and admiration towards each other, ultimately culminating in their romantic relationship.

Key Moments in Shikamaru and Temari’s Relationship Episodes
Shikamaru decides to become a Chunin “Naruto” episode 499
Shikamaru and Temari share a tender moment after the Fourth Shinobi War “Naruto Shippuden” episode 489
Shikamaru and Temari go on a mission together “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” episode 98

These moments show the depth of their relationship and how much they care for each other. Fans continue to enjoy seeing their love story play out in the series.

Shikamaru’s First Appearance in Naruto

Shikamaru Nara, a genius strategist, made his first appearance in Naruto in episode 5 titled “You Failed! Kakashi’s Final Decision.” The episode revolved around the final stage of the Chunin exams where the participants were put into teams of three to compete against each other. Shikamaru was part of a team that included his fellow classmates, Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi.

  • Shikamaru showed his intellect and analytical skills when he easily solved the written test given by Ibiki Morino, a special interrogator.
  • During the second round of the Chunin exams, he demonstrated his combat skills against Temari, a ninja from the Sand village, and emerged victorious.
  • His match with Temari caught the attention of the audience and highlighted his potential as a strategist.

Shikamaru’s introduction in Naruto portrayed him as a lazy and unambitious character who is not interested in becoming a ninja, but his intelligence and skills proved otherwise. He quickly became a fan favorite due to his laid-back personality that resonated with many viewers.

Shikamaru’s appearance in Naruto introduced an unforgettable character that left a lasting impact on the series. His impressive intellect, coupled with his lazy and relaxed demeanor made him unique and added an extra layer of depth to the show’s characters.

Shikamaru’s First Appearance Episode Title Summary
Episode 5 You Failed! Kakashi’s Final Decision Shikamaru solves the first test easily and wins his fight against Temari in the second round of the Chunin exams.

Overall, Shikamaru’s first appearance in Naruto set the tone for his character and showcased his exceptional abilities. His journey through the series continued to captivate fans and solidified his place as one of the show’s most beloved characters.

Shikamaru’s Love Life in Naruto

Shikamaru Nara is one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto franchise. Known for his intelligence and strategic thinking, Shikamaru is a prominent member of Konohagakure’s Nara clan and a loyal friend to Naruto. While he is not particularly interested in romantic relationships, there have been a few moments in the series where Shikamaru’s love life was explored.

Shikamaru’s Crush on Temari

  • In episode 64 of Naruto Shippuden, Shikamaru and Naruto are seen discussing relationships. Naruto is shocked when he discovers that Shikamaru has a crush on Temari, a kunoichi from Sunagakure and a member of the allied Shinobi Forces.
  • Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship was a slow burn. They first met during the Chunin Exams and developed a mutual respect for each other’s abilities. As they continued to work together and encounter each other in battle, their feelings for each other began to grow.
  • In episode 493 of Naruto Shippuden, Shikamaru and Temari are seen training together. During this time, Temari encourages Shikamaru to become the next Hokage, acknowledging his intelligence and leadership abilities.

Shikamaru and Temari’s Relationship

Although Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship is not a major focus of the Naruto franchise, it is clear that the two care for each other deeply. After the Fourth Shinobi War, Shikamaru becomes the advisor for the Seventh Hokage and continues to work alongside Temari in the allied Shinobi Forces. The two eventually get married and have a son named Shikadai Nara.

Shikamaru’s Thoughts on Love

In episode 489 of Naruto Shippuden, Shikamaru’s views on love are explored. He confesses to Naruto that he never really understood what love was until he met Temari. He also acknowledges that love can make a person stronger and better, recognizing the positive impact that Temari has had on his life.


While Shikamaru’s love life is not a major part of the Naruto franchise, his relationship with Temari is an important one. Their slow burn romance and eventual marriage were a testament to the power of love and the positive impact it can have on a person’s life.

Episode Title
64 The Jet-Black Signal Fire
493 Dawn
489 The State of Affairs

Temari’s Role in Naruto: Shippuden

Temari is a character in the anime/manga series Naruto who first appeared in the original series, and later returned in Naruto: Shippuden. She is a skilled ninja from the Hidden Sand Village, and is the older sister of Gaara, the Kazekage of the village.

Temari plays a significant role in the later parts of Naruto: Shippuden, particularly during the Fourth Great Ninja War. She is often seen fighting alongside Shikamaru Nara and their teamwork and fighting styles complement each other well.

Temari and Shikamaru’s Relationship

  • Temari and Shikamaru first meet during the Chunin Exams in the original series, and have a brief interaction.
  • In Naruto: Shippuden, they work together frequently during the Fourth Great Ninja War, and their teamwork and understanding of each other’s abilities grows.
  • It is not until after the war that it is revealed that they are in a romantic relationship and eventually get married, as seen in the Boruto series.

Temari’s Skills and Techniques

Temari is known for her exceptional skills as a wind-style user and her ability to manipulate a giant fan to create powerful gusts and even tornadoes. She is also a skilled strategist and has shown to be able to quickly analyze and formulate plans on the battlefield.

One of her most notable techniques is the Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance, where she summons her giant fan and uses it to create a sharp gust of wind that can cut through multiple opponents.

Temari’s Stats

Temari’s character stats in Naruto: Shippuden are as follows:

Stats Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina
Rank B C D B C B B

As shown in her stats, Temari excels in Ninjutsu, Intelligence, and Speed, making her a formidable opponent in battle.

Shikamaru and Temari’s Wedding Episode

One of the most unforgettable moments in the romantic development between Shikamaru and Temari is when they got married. Fans had been waiting for this event ever since they first sensed the chemistry between the two characters. In episode 494 of the Naruto Shippuden anime, fans finally got to witness the much-awaited wedding ceremony between these two fan favorites.

  • The episode starts with the Konoha village preparing for the upcoming wedding of Shikamaru and Temari. It shows different characters congratulating the groom-to-be and their hilarious reactions to the fact that he is finally settling down.
  • The highlight of the episode is undoubtedly the wedding ceremony itself. The scene is breathtaking, with beautiful decorations and the presence of other beloved characters like Naruto and Gaara.
  • Shikamaru looks stunning in his traditional wedding attire, but it’s Temari who steals the show with her gorgeous bridal gown. The couple looks incredibly happy together, and their love is evident in every gesture they make towards each other.

The wedding episode is a must-watch for Shikamaru x Temari shippers or anybody who loves weddings and romance in anime. This episode also shows how the anime can balance serious plots and romantic sub-plots effectively. It gives fans assurance that the characters in the story have lives outside of fighting and strategy tales.

Overall, the wedding episode is a memorable event in the Naruto Shippuden timeline. It showcases the growth and development of Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship as they eventually exchange their vows and become each other’s lifetime companions.

Episodes like this keep Naruto fans invested in the story and characters and adds to the already vibrant and rich Naruto universe.

Episode Number Episode Title
494 Naruto Shippuden: “Wedding Eve”

The wedding episode is one of the highlights of the Naruto Shippuden anime, proving that it’s not just about the action scenes and exciting battles, but it’s also about significant events that hold the audience’s emotions and attention.

Top Romantic Moments of Shikamaru and Temari

Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship is one of the most beloved among Naruto fans. Below are the top romantic moments of the couple:

  • “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 494: In this episode, the couple gets married. The scene is heartwarming, as we see the entire Naruto gang in attendance, celebrating with the newlyweds. This moment marked the culmination of their love story.
  • “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 494-500: The last several episodes of the anime series feature the developing relationship between Shikamaru and Temari. Fans were delighted to see how the two characters support each other, as Temari helps Shikamaru cope with the loss of his mentor, Asuma Sarutobi.
  • “Naruto” Chapter 700: The final chapter of the “Naruto” manga shows us a glimpse of the future, where a grown-up Shikadai (Shikamaru and Temari’s son) is visiting his grandparents in Sunagakure. This scene implies that Shikamaru and Temari stayed together and raised a family.
  • “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 489: This episode features a flashback to a mission that Shikamaru and Temari undertook together. During the mission, they share a moment where they discuss the challenges of being a ninja and the importance of trusting one’s teammates. The scene shows how well the two characters understand each other.
  • “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 376: In this episode, Shikamaru and Temari go on a mission together. While on the mission, they share a drink and talk about their goals in life. This moment shows the deep connection between the two characters.
  • “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 383: During a filler episode, Shikamaru and Temari go on a date together. They visit a scenic spot and have a picnic, all while discussing their interests and life experiences. Fans loved this episode, as it showcased the couple’s chemistry.
  • “Naruto” Chapter 328: In this chapter, Shikamaru and Temari share a friendly exchange during the Chunin Exams. The scene is brief, but it’s clear that the two characters have a connection. This moment marks the beginning of their relationship.

Overall, Shikamaru and Temari’s love story is a slow and steady one, built on trust, respect, and a shared understanding of the ninja life. These romantic moments show how much the two characters care for each other and how their relationship developed over time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shikamaru and Temari getting together

1. When do Shikamaru and Temari start showing romantic interest in each other?

Their romantic interest starts to show in the anime Naruto Shippuden Episode 494 where we see Shikamaru blushing after receiving a letter from Temari.

2. How does Temari feel about Shikamaru?

Temari has had feelings for Shikamaru since they first met in the Chunin Exams. She mentions to Shikamaru that he reminds her of her own lazy brother.

3. Does Shikamaru ever confess his feelings to Temari?

Yes, he confesses his love for her in episode 494 of Naruto Shippuden. However, he does not do so directly, he assumes that he will get a response to the letter he wrote to her.

4. What episode do they officially become a couple?

Shikamaru and Temari do not officially become a couple in the anime. In the manga they are only hinted to be a couple because it ends before their relationship progresses any further.

5. Were they together in the original Naruto anime?

No, their relationship only started to develop in Naruto Shippuden.

6. Are there any moments in the show that specifically show their relationship developing?

Yes, in Naruto Shippuden Episode 494 we see Shikamaru receiving a letter from Temari where she expresses her feelings for him. We also see them working together and spending time with each other in various episodes.

7. Do they get married in the end?

Their marriage is not shown in the anime. It is only hinted at in the final chapter of the manga where they are shown holding hands.

Closing Thoughts

We hope these FAQs have cleared up any confusion surrounding Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship in the Naruto series. Although they do not officially become a couple on-screen, their love for each other is obvious through their actions and interactions. Thanks for reading and make sure to come back for more anime-related articles.