How Many Quests Does Preston Garvey Give in Fallout 4? A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve played Fallout 4 for any length of time, you’ve become all too familiar with a certain Minuteman by the name of Preston Garvey. He’s that helpful guy who invites you to his settlement, and then promptly sends you off to complete tasks that seem never-ending. So, just how many quests does Preston give you? The answer might surprise you.

In total, Preston Garvey gives players a whopping thirty-one quests throughout the course of the game. That’s right, 31 separate missions that you’ll need to complete if you want to advance the story and unlock all of the game’s achievements. While some players might find this daunting, others relish the challenge of completing all of these quests.

Despite the sheer volume of quests that Preston Garvey dishes out, many players find themselves tirelessly completing them in order to advance the game’s storyline. While it can be frustrating at times, it’s all part of the Fallout experience. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Preston Garvey has become a staple of the series, and his endless list of quests has become something of a running joke among Fallout fans.

Quests Given by Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is a companion character in the video game Fallout 4. He is a member of the Commonwealth Minutemen, a group of individuals dedicated to helping those in need throughout the post-apocalyptic wasteland. As a companion, Preston Garvey is unique in that he offers a variety of quests to the player. In this article, we will examine the number of quests Preston Garvey gives and explore their significance in the game.

Preston Garvey is a prolific provider of quests in Fallout 4. In fact, he is responsible for giving the player more quests than any other companion in the game. The number of quests he gives varies depending on the stage of the game and the player’s interactions with the Minutemen faction.

  • At the beginning of the game, players can expect to receive several quests from Preston Garvey. These quests are designed to introduce the player to the Minutemen faction and set the stage for their involvement in the group’s activities.
  • As the game progresses, Preston Garvey will continue to offer quests to the player. These quests range in difficulty and complexity, from simple fetch quests to more complex missions that require the player to navigate dangerous areas and face powerful enemies.
  • Players who choose to align themselves with the Minutemen faction will find themselves receiving even more quests from Preston Garvey. These quests are designed to bolster the strength and influence of the Minutemen, and will require the player to build and upgrade settlements, recruit new members to the faction, and defend settlements from attack.

While some players may find the sheer number of quests offered by Preston Garvey overwhelming, they are an important part of the game’s storytelling and world-building. The quests offered by Preston Garvey help to establish the player’s role as a key player in the rebuilding of society in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Overall, Preston Garvey is a valuable companion for players looking to immerse themselves in the rich world of Fallout 4. His extensive list of quests offers a broad range of experiences and challenges, and his role in the story of the Commonwealth Minutemen is instrumental in shaping the player’s journey through the game.

Commonwealth Minutemen

As one of the largest and most influential factions in the game, the Commonwealth Minutemen play a significant role in Fallout 4’s storyline. Led by the noble Preston Garvey, this faction is committed to defending the innocent and helping those in need throughout the Commonwealth.

How Many Quests Does Preston Garvey Give?

  • Preston Garvey offers a total of 23 quests throughout the course of the game.
  • The first quest, “When Freedom Calls,” is triggered when the player meets Preston and his group for the first time in Concord.
  • The remaining 22 quests are part of the main storyline and can be acquired by building settlements and helping settlers throughout the game.

The Importance of Settlement Building

In order to progress through the Minutemen’s storyline and receive more quests from Preston Garvey, players must invest time and resources into building and maintaining settlements throughout the Commonwealth.

This involves gathering materials, constructing buildings and defenses, and recruiting settlers to live and work in the settlements. By doing so, players can increase their influence and reputation within the Minutemen faction, which ultimately leads to more quests and rewards.

A Sample of Preston Garvey’s Quests

While there are too many quests to list in their entirety, here are a few examples of the types of missions players can expect to receive from Preston Garvey:

Quest Name Description
The First Step Players must help Preston and his group retake The Castle, a former Minutemen stronghold now overrun by mirelurks.
Sanctuary Players must help rebuild the town of Sanctuary and recruit new settlers to live there.
Old Guns Players must restore the Castle’s ancient artillery and use it to repel a raider attack.

Overall, the Minutemen storyline offers players a chance to make a real difference in the wasteland and help build a better future for the Commonwealth. Whether you’re a seasoned Fallout veteran or a newcomer to the series, these quests are sure to provide hours of engaging gameplay and thrilling adventure.

Fallout 4 Quests

Released in 2015, Fallout 4 quickly became one of the most popular video games of all time. One of the reasons for that popularity is the sheer number of quests that the game offers. In Fallout 4, players can participate in a vast array of quests to help advance the game’s storyline, earn rewards, and explore the world. One of the most notable characters in the game is Preston Garvey, a companion and potential ally who gives the player several quests. So just how many quests does Preston Garvey give? Let’s take a closer look:

Preston Garvey’s Quests

  • Out of Time
  • When Freedom Calls
  • Jewel of the Commonwealth

Preston Garvey is a pivotal character who joins the player in the early part of the game. In total, he gives three quests that are vital to the game’s storyline. These quests are:

  • Out of Time: This quest is given to the player after they emerge from Vault 111 and involve finding their son and navigating the wasteland
  • When Freedom Calls: This quest is initiated when the player arrives in Concord and Krave gives you an invitation to help the settlers of Sanctuary
  • Jewel of the Commonwealth: This quest is initiated when the player reaches Diamond City and involves looking for Nick Valentine

These three quests are essential to the storyline of Fallout 4 and should be completed to ensure that the game continues smoothly.


Fallout 4 is a massive game that offers countless hours of entertainment. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the extensive amount of quests that players can participate in. Preston Garvey is a critical character who gives three major quests that are necessary to progress in the game. These quests provide exciting gameplay and help build the game’s storyline.

Quest Name Description
Out of Time Find the player’s son and navigate the wasteland
When Freedom Calls Help the settlers of Sanctuary
Jewel of the Commonwealth Look for Nick Valentine in Diamond City

Overall, Fallout 4 is an excellent game with many unique quests, and completing Preston Garvey’s quests is an essential part of the game’s storyline.

Settlements in Fallout 4

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Fallout 4 is building and managing settlements. To make the most out of this feature, players need to complete quests assigned by Preston Garvey, the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen. As a helpful expert blogger, I’m here to tell you just how many quests Preston gives and what you can expect from them.

The Number of Preston Garvey Quests

  • Preston Garvey gives a total of 6 quests to recruit settlements
  • After completing all 6 recruit quests, he gives an unlimited number of settlement defense quests
  • He also gives radiant quests to help out settlements that have been attacked by raiders
  • Preston Garvey also gives a few faction quests, depending on the progress you’ve made with the Minutemen and other factions

Preston Garvey’s Settlement Recruitment Quests

The first 6 quests that Preston Garvey assigns you involve recruiting new settlements to join the Minutemen. These quests are:

  • The First Step
  • Raider Troubles
  • Returning the Favor
  • The Watering Hole
  • Greenskins
  • Cleansing the Commonwealth

Each of these quests involves traveling to a new settlement, facing off against some enemies, and then reporting back to Preston. Once you complete all 6, you’ll have a total of 8 settlements to manage (including your starting point of Sanctuary Hills and the Castle).

Settlement Defense and Radiant Quests

After you’ve recruited all 6 initial settlements, Preston Garvey will start giving you defense quests. These tasks involve traveling to a settlement that’s under attack by raiders, synths, or other enemies. You need to eliminate the threat and then report back to Preston for your reward. He’ll continue giving you defense quests, but the content becomes more challenging as you progress through the game.

Preston also gives radiant quests, which are randomly generated and involve helping out a settlement that’s under threat. These quests can involve everything from eliminating feral ghouls to building new defenses for a settlement. They’re a great way to keep busy in between story missions and make some extra caps on the side.

Preston’s Faction Quests

As you progress through the game and align yourself with certain factions, Preston Garvey will assign you faction-specific quests. These vary depending on which faction you side with, but they can involve such tasks as clearing out certain areas, rescuing hostages, and sabotaging enemy operations. These quests are a great way to earn new gear and valuable experience points.

In Conclusion

Preston Garvey gives players plenty of quests, making him a crucial character for anyone who wants to enjoy everything that Fallout 4 has to offer. Completing his settlement recruitment quests is necessary for managing numerous settlements, while his defense and radiant quests provide plenty of opportunities to keep busy in between missions. And don’t forget about his faction quests, which can help you earn extra rewards as you progress through the game!

Factions in Fallout 4

Factions play a major role in Fallout 4’s storyline, and completing quests for them can lead to unique rewards and benefits. One of the most notable factions is the Commonwealth Minutemen, led by none other than Preston Garvey. As the player character, you have the opportunity to complete quests for Garvey and aid the Minutemen in their efforts to restore peace and stability to the Commonwealth.

  • Preston Garvey gives a total of 28 quests throughout Fallout 4’s main storyline, not including radiant quests that can be completed indefinitely.
  • The Minutemen faction requires completing a specific set of quests before progressing in the main story, making it an important aspect to consider if you want to fully complete the game.
  • Other factions in Fallout 4 include the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Institute, each with their own unique quests and rewards.

Completing quests for different factions can also affect the relationships between them, leading to potential conflicts and alliances. For example, aiding the Railroad’s cause against the Institute can result in improved relations with the Railroad but worsened relations with the Institute. It’s important to consider the repercussions of your actions when deciding which faction(s) to support.

If you’re looking to complete every quest in Fallout 4, be sure to prioritize the faction quests and pay close attention to the relationships between them. Not only will it add more depth to the game’s story, but it can also lead to unique rewards and benefits that are otherwise unavailable.

Faction Name Quest Count (Excluding Radiant Quests)
Commonwealth Minutemen 28
Brotherhood of Steel 14
Railroad 13
Institute 12

Overall, factions are an integral part of the Fallout 4 experience, adding depth and complexity to the game’s world and story. While there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to approach the factions, it’s important to consider the consequences of your actions and prioritize the quests that align with your playstyle and moral compass.

Radiant Quests in Fallout 4

Radiant Quests are randomized quests that are assigned to you by certain non-playable characters in Fallout 4. These quests can be completed an unlimited number of times, allowing the player to continuously receive rewards like experience points, caps, and loot. In total, there are around 30 non-playable characters who can give these radiant quests, including the infamous Preston Garvey.

  • Preston Garvey is a Minutemen and is encountered in the beginning of the game in Concord where he is leading a group of survivors against a group of raiders. Once you have rescued them, he will become available as a companion and will give you radiant quests.
  • Preston Garvey can give you a maximum of 6 radiant quests. These quests involve defending settlements, rescuing kidnapped settlers, and clearing out areas of enemies.
  • The good news for players is that these quests grant a significant amount of experience points that can help you level up quickly.

Here is a table of the 6 radiant quests that Preston Garvey can give you:

Quest Name Objective Location
Greenskins Kill the super mutants Random location
Raider Troubles Kill the raiders Random location
Clearing the Way Kill the ghouls, super mutants, or raiders Random location
Kidnapping Rescue the kidnapped settler Random location
Defend the Artillery Defend the Minutemen artillery Random settlement
Resettle Refugees Find a new place for the refugees to settle Random settlement

If you are working towards a specific goal in Fallout 4, completing radiant quests can be a great way to level up and earn valuable rewards. Just keep in mind that these quests can become repetitive over time, so be sure to mix them up with other types of quests to keep things interesting.

Main Storyline of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a game that offers a lot of quests and side missions to the players, but the main storyline follows a specific path. The players start as the Sole Survivor, a parent who is just emerging from a cryogenic stasis in Vault 111, trying to find their missing son Shaun and navigate the post-apocalyptic world of the Commonwealth. The main story of Fallout 4 involves several subplots, each with its own set of quests. Here’s a breakdown of the storyline:

  • Introducing The Commonwealth: In this quest, players are introduced to the game’s mechanics and NPCs who will become essential to the game’s narrative. This quest involves exploring the area around Vault 111 and getting acclimatized to the region.
  • Out of Time: This quest commences when players are emerging from the Vault and need to find their son Shaun. This questline involves visiting Concord (where you meet Preston Garvey) and Diamond City.
  • Unlikely Valentine: In this quest, players start investigating the disappearance of a private detective named Nick Valentine. This quest is essential for recruiting Valentine as a companion.
  • Reunions: This quest leads players to the Institute and reveals the true nature of the game’s main plot.
  • The Glowing Sea: In this quest, players cross into the game’s most treacherous territory to retrieve a rogue Institute scientist.
  • Hunter/Hunted: This quest is an extension of “Reunions” and sees players team up with the Railroad to infiltrate the Institute and rescue their son.
  • The Molecular Level: In this quest, players team up with the Railroad or the Brotherhood of Steel to infiltrate the Institute and gain access to their teleportation technology. The quest is a significant turning point where players choose a faction to side with for the endgame.

The main storyline in Fallout 4 has seven segments in total, and players can complete them in their preferred order, though some quests lead to others. The player’s choices in the quests depicted above influence the game’s multiple endings.

Here’s a table to summarize the main storyline quests:

Quest Name Description
Introducing The Commonwealth Get familiarized with the game’s setting and NPCs.
Out of Time Start searching for your missing son Shaun.
Unlikely Valentine Find and recruit Nick Valentine as your companion.
Reunions Locate the Institute and discover your son’s role in their operations.
The Glowing Sea Retrieve a scientist from the most treacherous location in the Commonwealth.
Hunter/Hunted Infiltrate the Institute with the Railroad’s aid and rescue your son.
The Molecular Level Gather materials to build a teleportation device and infiltrate the Institute.

The main storyline of Fallout 4 is an engaging and immersive experience that unfolds as players explore the Commonwealth and discover its secrets. By completing the quests in the storyline, players gain more clarity on the game’s plot and can determine their preferred faction to help in their ultimate goal. The side quests and miscellaneous tasks offer plenty of opportunities to customize gameplay and develop character attributes, making Fallout 4 a game that you can play repeatedly without getting bored.

FAQs: How Many Quests Does Preston Garvey Give?

Q: How many quests does Preston Garvey give in Fallout 4?
A: Preston Garvey gives a total of 25 quests in Fallout 4.

Q: Do I have to complete all of Preston Garvey’s quests?
A: No, you don’t have to complete all of his quests. They are optional side quests that you can do if you want to.

Q: Can I miss any of Preston Garvey’s quests?
A: Yes, you can miss some quests if you fail to meet certain requirements or progress too far in the main questline.

Q: How do I trigger Preston Garvey’s quests?
A: You can trigger his quests by speaking to him in Sanctuary or the Castle, or by completing certain quests in the main questline.

Q: Are Preston Garvey’s quests worth doing?
A: Yes, his quests often offer useful rewards and can help you build up settlements.

Q: Can I still do Preston Garvey’s quests after completing the main story?
A: Yes, you can still do his quests after completing the main story.

Q: Are there any bugs or glitches associated with Preston Garvey’s quests?
A: Yes, there are a few bugs and glitches that can sometimes cause issues with his quests. However, most of them have been patched with updates.

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