Does Teaneck Have Good Schools? Exploring the Quality of Education in Teaneck

Teaneck, the suburban township located in Bergen County, New Jersey, is home to more than 40,000 residents. Many families choose to make Teaneck their home due to the township’s excellent schools, warm community, and convenient location. However, with so many options for schools in Teaneck, it can be hard to determine which schools are the best fit for your child.

As a big advocate of education myself, I wanted to take some time to explore the question, “Does Teaneck have good schools?” In this article, I will be diving deep into the different school options available to families in Teaneck, analyzing the school ratings, and taking a closer look at what the schools have to offer. Let’s discover if Teaneck really has the exceptional education system that it’s been touted to have.

If you’re a family looking to move to Teaneck, or a resident who’s curious about the quality of the township’s schools, then this article is just for you! With a combination of my own research and information gathered from residents, parents, and educators, I aim to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the education landscape in Teaneck. So, without further ado, let’s explore if Teaneck schools really do live up to our expectations.

Academic Achievements in Teaneck Schools

Teaneck Public Schools is an award-winning school district located in Bergen County, New Jersey. The district prides itself on providing quality education to its students. Let’s take a closer look at the academic achievements of Teaneck schools:

  • Teaneck High School has a graduation rate of 95%.
  • The district has won the “Best Communities for Music Education” award for three consecutive years.
  • All of Teaneck’s elementary schools have been recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools.

These achievements are a testament to the district’s dedication to excellence in education.

Test Scores of Teaneck Schools

Teaneck schools have consistently scored higher than the state average on standardized tests. According to the New Jersey Department of Education, the average SAT score for Teaneck High School students is 1171, which is higher than the state average of 1094. Similarly, Teaneck students scored an average of 64.6% on the PARCC assessments, which is higher than the state average of 54.2%.

The district’s focus on preparing students for college and career readiness has yielded positive results, as evidenced by these impressive test scores.

Advanced Placement Courses

Teaneck High School offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses to its students, including AP Calculus, AP English Language and Composition, and AP Biology. These courses provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. In the 2019-2020 school year, 244 Teaneck High School students took at least one AP exam, and 46% earned a score of 3 or higher.

Year Number of Students Taking AP Exams Percentage of Students Earning a Score of 3 or Higher
2017-2018 237 43%
2018-2019 251 45%
2019-2020 244 46%

These impressive results show that Teaneck students are well-prepared for the rigors of college-level coursework.

Quality of Education in Teaneck

Teaneck, located in Bergen County, New Jersey, has a reputation for having good schools. The quality of education in Teaneck is a top priority and it shows in the various school districts.

  • The Teaneck Public School District serves grades K-12 and has schools that are highly rated and prestigious such as Teaneck High School, which has achieved national recognition.
  • The Bergen County Technical School District serves grades 9-12 with various specialized programs such as the Academy of Medical Arts and the Culinary Arts Academy.
  • The Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School provides a Jewish education program for grades K-8 with a focus on academics, character development, and community involvement.

Teaneck also has a number of private schools, including religious schools, that offer quality education to their students. The schools in Teaneck are known for their diverse student body, dedicated faculty members, and rigorous academic programs.

According to the New Jersey Department of Education, Teaneck Public Schools continue to receive high marks in multiple areas such as academic achievement, safety, and student support. The state grade report for Teaneck Public Schools is an “A,” indicating they are among the top-performing districts in the state. Below is a table highlighting data on the Teaneck Public School District:

Category Teaneck Public Schools New Jersey State Average
Academic Achievement 82.2% 64.4%
College and Career Ready Graduates 69.9% 62.8%
Chronic Absenteeism 13.2% 16.4%

The data presented in the table signifies that Teaneck Public Schools have a higher percentage of students that are academically achieving and are college and career ready. Additionally, the district’s chronic absenteeism rate is lower than the state average, showing that students in the district have good attendance records and are actively engaged in their education.

In summary, Teaneck is well-known for having quality schools with a diverse student body, dedicated faculty members, and rigorous academic programs. The district’s high academic achievement rate and effective student support systems ensure that students receive a quality education.

Availability of Extracurricular Activities in Teaneck Schools

Finding the right school for your child requires more than just looking at the academic performance. You also want to ensure that your child has access to a well-rounded education that includes extracurricular activities. Fortunately, Teaneck schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that cater to the interests of every child.

  • Clubs: Teaneck schools have a variety of clubs, including cultural clubs, environmental clubs, and robotics clubs. These clubs not only allow students to explore their interests but also provide opportunities for leadership and community involvement.
  • Sports: Teaneck schools have a strong sports program that includes basketball, football, volleyball, and more. Sports enable students to stay active while learning teamwork and sportsmanship skills.
  • Performing arts: From plays to musicals, Teaneck schools offer ample opportunities for students to explore their passion for performing arts. Students can join the drama club, choir, jazz ensemble, and more.

Extracurricular activities help students develop a well-rounded personality and build skills that are essential to success in life. These skills include social skills, time management, and leadership skills.

Furthermore, research studies show that students who participate in extracurricular activities have higher levels of academic achievement and lower rates of absenteeism and behavioral problems.

If you are looking for a school that offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for your child, Teaneck schools are an excellent choice.

Types of Extracurricular Activities Offered in Teaneck Schools Benefits of Extracurricular Activities
Clubs – Help students explore their interests
– Provide opportunities for leadership and community involvement
Sports – Help students stay active and healthy
– Teach teamwork and sportsmanship skills
Performing arts – Provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents
– Teach stage presence and public speaking skills

Overall, Teaneck schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that cater to the interests of every student. These activities not only help students develop a well-rounded personality and essential skills but also lead to academic achievement and lower rates of absenteeism and behavioral problems.

Technology Integration in Teaneck Schools

Teaneck Public Schools have been working diligently to integrate technology into the curriculum, providing students with the tools and skills to navigate the digital world and prepare them for future success. Here are four ways Teaneck schools are integrating technology into the educational experience:

  • 1: One-to-One Device Program: All middle school and high school students in Teaneck are provided with either an iPad or a MacBook, depending on their grade level, for use both in and outside of school. This program allows for easy access to class materials, research, and collaboration with peers, as well as providing students with experience using technology as a tool for learning.
  • 2: SMART Boards: SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards that act as a platform for interactive lessons, allowing students to engage with material in new and exciting ways. SMART Boards are used in classrooms throughout the district, providing students with a dynamic and immersive learning experience.
  • 3: Google Classroom: Google Classroom is a web-based learning platform used by Teaneck Public Schools to streamline communication and collaboration between students and teachers. Teachers are able to post assignments and class materials directly to the platform, while students are able to easily submit work and communicate with their peers and teachers.
  • 4: Technology Integration Specialist: Teaneck Public Schools employ a technology integration specialist to work with teachers and staff to implement technology in the classroom effectively. This specialist provides professional development for teachers and offers support for students and staff as they navigate new technology tools and resources.


Teaneck Public Schools are a prime example of a district working tirelessly to integrate technology into the educational experience. Through a combination of one-to-one device programs, SMART Boards, Google Classroom, and a technology integration specialist, students in Teaneck are better prepared to navigate the digital world and succeed in the 21st century.

Pros Cons
Students have access to technology both in and outside of school Some students may not be able to afford devices if not provided by the school
Use of SMART Boards allows for dynamic and interactive lessons SMART Boards may require additional training for teachers to effectively use
Google Classroom streamlines communication and collaboration between students and teachers Some students may struggle with technology, creating a barrier to learning
Technology integration specialist provides support for teachers and staff as they implement new technology tools and resources Providing technology to all students can be expensive and require ongoing maintenance and upgrades

Overall, the positives of Teaneck’s technology integration efforts outweigh the negatives, providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the digital landscape.

Diversity among Teaneck Students and Faculty

Teaneck, a town located in Bergen County, New Jersey, is known for its diverse community. The township has a long history of promoting diversity since the early 1960s, becoming one of the most diverse communities in the state. This diversity also extends to the students and faculty in Teaneck’s schools.

The Teaneck school district’s student population represents a diverse mix of cultures, ethnicities, and races. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the Teaneck Public School District’s enrollment is 45.5% Caucasian, 37.3% African American, 8.9% Hispanic, 4.5% Asian, and 3.8% two or more races. With such a varied student population, Teaneck schools promote inclusivity and provide a welcoming environment for all students.

In addition to the diverse student population, the faculty in Teaneck’s schools also represents a mix of cultures and backgrounds. The district actively recruits and promotes diversity among its staff. This effort leads to a broader perspective and better representation of all students. Teachers from different ethnicities and races provide students with unique perspectives and experiences that enrich the learning environment.

Teaneck’s diversity doesn’t just promote cultural understanding and respect. It also provides students with the opportunity to learn from each other, making them more open-minded and accepting of others. Students learn to appreciate the differences that make each person unique and develop empathy and social awareness.

In conclusion, diversity is a vital aspect of Teaneck’s schools. It creates an environment of inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their race, culture, or background. With its diverse student population and faculty, Teaneck’s schools continue to provide a dynamic and enriched learning experience for all students.

Parental involvement in Teaneck schools

Parental involvement is a crucial element in ensuring the ongoing academic success of students in Teaneck schools. The district encourages parents to participate in various school programs aimed at boosting student engagement and promoting academic excellence. Here are some ways in which parents can get involved:

  • Join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) – The PTA provides opportunities for parents to participate in school activities and advocate for their children’s education. The Teaneck district has an active PTA, and parents are encouraged to join and attend meetings and events.
  • Volunteer in the classroom – Many teachers welcome parent volunteers to help with classroom activities and projects.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences – Regular parent-teacher conferences are held throughout the school year, giving parents the opportunity to meet with teachers and discuss their child’s progress.

When parents are actively involved in their children’s education, students are more likely to perform better academically, have better attendance rates, and have a more positive attitude toward school.

The Teaneck district also offers many programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing parental involvement. These include:

  • The Parent Academy – The Parent Academy is a free program that offers parents workshops and seminars on a variety of educational and parenting topics.
  • The Family Resource Center – The Family Resource Center serves as a hub for parents to access information on education and community resources.
  • The Teaneck Parent Advisory Council for Special Education – The Parent Advisory Council provides support and advocacy for families of students with special needs.

To further enhance parental involvement, the district has created a Parent Involvement Advisory Board, which is made up of parents, school staff, and community members. The board serves as a liaison between parents and the district, helping to identify areas where parental involvement can be improved and recommending strategies for achieving that goal.

Statistic Teaneck School District New Jersey State
Parent-teacher conference attendance rate (2019) 90% 87%
Volunteer rate (2019) 42% 38%

The above table shows that Teaneck parents are highly engaged in their children’s education, with a higher attendance rate at parent-teacher conferences and a higher volunteer rate compared to the state average.

School Safety Measures in Teaneck Schools

Ensuring the safety and security of all students and staff is a top priority for Teaneck Public Schools. The district has implemented several safety measures to create a secure learning environment for students and staff, including:

  • Security cameras installed throughout the district
  • Strict visitor policies requiring all visitors to show ID and sign in at the school entrance
  • Assigned police officers or security guards at each school building

In addition to these measures, Teaneck Public Schools conducts regular safety drills to prepare students and staff for emergency situations. These drills include fire drills, lockdown drills, and shelter-in-place drills. The district also utilizes a notification system to inform parents and guardians of any safety-related incidents or emergencies.

Teaneck Public Schools also prioritizes mental health support for students, with a focus on early recognition and intervention for students who may need extra support. Each school building has a full-time social worker and access to counseling services for students in need. The district also partners with local mental health organizations to provide additional support and resources.

Teaneck Public Schools Safety Statistics

According to the New Jersey Department of Education, Teaneck Public Schools had a total of 140 reported incidents during the 2018-2019 school year. Of those incidents:

Category Number of Incidents
Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying 76
Physical Altercations/Aggressions 22
Weapons Possession 2
Substance Abuse 1
Threats 10
Other 29

While any incident is a cause for concern, it’s important to note that Teaneck Public Schools serves a diverse student population of over 4,000 students in 9 schools. The district’s commitment to safety measures and mental health support helps create a secure and supportive learning environment for all students.

FAQs: Does Teaneck have Good Schools?

1. Are Teaneck’s schools ranked highly?

Yes, many of Teaneck’s schools are ranked highly on and Many of the elementary schools have a score of 8 or higher out of 10.

2. Is there a lot of diversity in Teaneck’s schools?

Yes, Teaneck’s schools are known for their diverse student populations. The schools are a mix of different ethnicities, religions, and cultures, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

3. What programs do Teaneck’s schools offer?

Teaneck’s schools offer a variety of programs that cater to different interests and abilities. Some schools offer STEM programs, honors and AP courses, and extracurricular activities like sports and arts programs.

4. How are the teachers in Teaneck’s schools?

The teachers in Teaneck’s schools are highly qualified and experienced. Many have master’s degrees and are committed to providing a quality education for their students.

5. Is there a high graduation rate in Teaneck’s schools?

Yes, Teaneck’s high schools have a graduation rate of around 96%. Students are well-prepared for college and career success.

6. Are Teaneck’s schools safe?

Yes, Teaneck’s schools have adequate security measures in place to ensure the safety of students and staff. The district also provides counseling and other resources for students who may need extra support.

7. How are the facilities in Teaneck’s schools?

Teaneck’s schools have modern, up-to-date facilities with a focus on providing a comfortable and engaging learning environment for students.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read about Teaneck’s schools. It’s clear that the schools in this district are committed to providing a quality education to all students. With highly qualified teachers, modern facilities, and a diverse student population, Teaneck’s schools are well-equipped to prepare students for success. We encourage you to visit again later for more updates about this great community.