Are there any Arthur Treacher’s left in Ohio? Exploring the History and Current Status

Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips brings back fond memories for many Ohioans. From the iconic paper boats filled with golden crispy fish to the legendary hush puppies, this fast-food chain was once a beloved dining destination. However, the question remains: are there any Arthur Treacher’s left in Ohio? This is a valid question for anyone who is craving a taste of nostalgia or is simply curious about the history of fast food in Ohio.

The Arthur Treacher’s franchise was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1969, and steadily expanded throughout the state and beyond. At its peak, you could find an Arthur Treacher’s in every corner of Ohio- from Cleveland to Cincinnati. However, with the rise of competing fast-food chains, the Arthur Treacher’s franchise slowly dwindled away. Yet, the question still lingers: Are there any Arthur Treacher’s franchises left in Ohio? If so, where are they located and are they still serving up those delicious fish and chips?

If you’re a fan of Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips and have been wondering if the chain still exists in Ohio, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will take you on a journey throughout Ohio to explore whether there are any Arthur Treacher’s franchises left, and if there are, where you can find them. So, grab a hot cup of coffee or a cold soda, and let’s embark on a journey to find out if Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips are still a part of Ohio’s fast-food culture.

History of Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio

Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in seafood. Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, and Arthur Treacher, a renowned English actor, the restaurant chain quickly became a staple in the fast-food industry.

Ohio, where the chain was headquartered, has a special place in the history of Arthur Treacher’s. In the early years of the chain’s existence, Ohio was the location of several of its most popular restaurants, with many more opening throughout the state in the following years.

Current Status of Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio

  • As of 2021, there are only three Arthur Treacher’s restaurants operating in Ohio
  • These restaurants are located in Cincinnati, West Chester, and Zanesville
  • The Cincinnati location, which opened in 1977, is the oldest Arthur Treacher’s restaurant still operating in Ohio

Rise and Fall of Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio

Despite its early success in Ohio, Arthur Treacher’s began to decline in popularity in the 1980s and 90s due to changing consumer tastes and increased competition in the fast-food industry. As a result, many of the chain’s Ohio locations were forced to close.

However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in Arthur Treacher’s and its unique brand of seafood. This has led to the reopening of several restaurants in Ohio, though the number of locations remains limited compared to its heyday in the 1970s.

Ohio Locations of Arthur Treacher’s

Below is a table of the current Arthur Treacher’s locations in Ohio:

Location Address
Cincinnati 3291 Westbourne Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45248
West Chester 7165 Tylersville Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069
Zanesville 2674 Maysville Pike, Zanesville, OH 43701

The limited number of Arthur Treacher’s locations in Ohio may be disappointing to fans of the chain, but those who are lucky enough to have one in their area can still enjoy the unique taste of Arthur Treacher’s fish and chips.

Arthur Treacher’s menu offerings

Arthur Treacher’s, a fast-food chain specializing in fish and chips, was founded in Ohio in 1969. It became popular for its crispy fish, shrimp, and chicken dishes that were served with chips and coleslaw. While the chain has experienced a decline in recent years, there are still a few Arthur Treacher’s locations in Ohio that serve their classic offerings.

One of the most popular items on the Arthur Treacher’s menu is their fish and chips. Made with hand-battered white fish that is fried to perfection, this dish is served with their signature chips, which are thick-cut and sprinkled with salt. Another popular choice is the shrimp and chips, which is made with plump and juicy shrimp that are also coated in a crispy batter and served with chips.

Arthur Treacher’s also offers chicken options for those who prefer land-based protein. Their crispy fried chicken tenders are a crowd favorite, and they also have a chicken sandwich and chicken wings on the menu.

If you are looking for a lighter option, Arthur Treacher’s has a variety of salads that can be topped with grilled shrimp, chicken, or fish. They also have a fish taco that is made with a soft shell filled with battered fish, lettuce, cheese, and a creamy sauce.

Below is a list of some of the menu offerings at Arthur Treacher’s:

  • Fish and chips
  • Shrimp and chips
  • Chicken tenders
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Chicken wings
  • Grilled shrimp salad
  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Fish taco

In addition to their classic menu offerings, Arthur Treacher’s also has seasonal specials that are worth a try. During Lent, they offer a seafood combo that includes fish, shrimp, and a crab cake. They also have a seasonal pumpkin pie for dessert during the fall months.

If you are planning to visit an Arthur Treacher’s location in Ohio, it is worth noting that the menu offerings may vary slightly by location. Some locations may also offer additional items like clam chowder or hush puppies. Regardless, you can always expect to find delicious fish and chips and other classic dishes at this beloved fast-food chain.

In conclusion, Arthur Treacher’s menu offerings feature classic and delicious fast-food options like fish and chips, shrimp and chips, and chicken tenders. They also have salads and seasonal specials that are worth a try. If you are in Ohio, be sure to stop by one of the remaining Arthur Treacher’s locations to try their iconic dishes.

Famous dishes served at Arthur Treacher’s

Arthur Treacher’s is famous for its seafood dishes, particularly its fish and chips. Here are some of the most popular dishes served at Arthur Treacher’s:

  • Fish and Chips – This classic dish consists of battered and fried fish served with french fries. Arthur Treacher’s uses only the freshest ingredients to make their fish and chips, which is why it’s a popular choice among diners.
  • Clam Strips – For those who prefer a lighter seafood dish, Arthur Treacher’s offers clam strips that are lightly breaded and fried to perfection. These tasty morsels are great for sharing or as a main course.
  • Shrimp – Another seafood favorite at Arthur Treacher’s is the shrimp, which is available in a variety of dishes such as fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, and shrimp scampi. The shrimp is always cooked to order and served hot and fresh.

Secret Sauce

One thing that sets Arthur Treacher’s apart from other restaurants is its famous secret sauce. This tangy, creamy sauce is the perfect accompaniment to any seafood dish and has been a favorite among diners for decades. Although no one knows the exact recipe for the secret sauce, it’s rumored to contain a blend of mayonnaise, vinegar, spices, and other secret ingredients.

Nutrition Information

While Arthur Treacher’s is known for its delicious seafood dishes, it’s important to note that they’re not always the healthiest option. Many of the dishes are fried, which can add a lot of calories and fat to your diet. It’s important to enjoy these dishes in moderation and balance them out with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Dish Calories Total Fat Sodium
Fish and Chips (Regular) 800 46g 1100mg
Clam Strips (Regular) 600 40g 1300mg
Coconut Shrimp (Regular) 900 53g 1500mg

As with any restaurant, it’s important to read the nutrition information and make an informed decision about what you’re eating. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff about healthier options or making modifications to your order.

Arthur Treacher’s locations outside of Ohio

Although Arthur Treacher’s was founded in the state of Ohio and may be known to locals as a staple of their childhood, there are still a handful of locations scattered across the United States. Here are a few of the locations that can still be enjoyed by fans of the famous fish and chips restaurant.

  • New Jersey: There are several locations of Arthur Treacher’s in the Garden State, including one in Mount Laurel and one in Camden.
  • Pennsylvania: Folks living in Pennsylvania can visit one of three Arthur Treacher’s locations, including one in Allentown, one in Scranton, and one in Williamsport.
  • North Carolina: The state of North Carolina also gets a nod from Arthur Treacher’s with two locations in Charlotte and one in Winston-Salem.

Even though the number of Arthur Treacher’s locations outside of Ohio may be dwindling, the ones that remain have proudly carried on the tradition of serving delicious fish and chips to patrons. Some locations even offer additional menu options such as shrimp and chicken for those who may not be in the mood for fish. If you’re ever in one of the states that still has an Arthur Treacher’s location, be sure to stop by and savor a taste of nostalgia.

For those interested, here’s a table of all the current Arthur Treacher’s locations across the United States:

State City Address
Ohio Cleveland 25759 Lorain Road
New Jersey Mount Laurel 3111 Route 38
New Jersey Camden 1736 East Route 70
Pennsylvania Allentown 1101 South 4th Street
Pennsylvania Scranton 900 South Washington Avenue
Pennsylvania Williamsport 1925 East 3rd Street
North Carolina Charlotte 324 West Boulevard
North Carolina Charlotte 5712 North Sharon Amity Road
North Carolina Winston-Salem 2125 Peters Creek Parkway

While the number of Arthur Treacher’s locations outside of Ohio may be small, it’s heartening to see that the brand is still present in pockets of the United States and can still provide locals and visitors alike with a taste of their famous fish and chips.

Comparison of Arthur Treacher’s to Other Fast Food Chains

Arthur Treacher’s is a fast food chain that specializes in fish and chips, but are there any left in Ohio? Let’s compare Arthur Treacher’s to other fast food chains and see how they stack up.

  • McDonald’s is one of the most well-known fast food chains in the world. They offer a wide variety of burgers, fries, and other menu items. While McDonald’s may have a larger menu, Arthur Treacher’s offers a unique and flavorful option with their signature fish and chips.
  • Burger King is another popular fast food chain that offers burgers, fries, and other items. Like McDonald’s, they have a larger menu compared to Arthur Treacher’s. However, Arthur Treacher’s offers a healthier alternative with their fish options.
  • Wendy’s is known for their square-shaped burgers and popular chili. They also offer chicken sandwiches and salads. While Wendy’s may have a more diverse menu, Arthur Treacher’s offers a fresh and unique option with their sea-salted french fries.

One of the things that sets Arthur Treacher’s apart from other fast food chains is their focus on fresh, high quality ingredients. They use wild-caught Alaskan cod for their fish and hand-cut potatoes for their fries.

In a world where fast food options are often unhealthy and processed, Arthur Treacher’s provides a fresh and flavorful option for those looking for a quick meal on the go. While there may not be many Arthur Treacher’s locations left in Ohio, it’s worth seeking out for their unique and delicious offerings.

Fast Food Chain Menu Items Famous For
Arthur Treacher’s Fish and chips, sea-salted french fries Using fresh, high quality ingredients
McDonald’s Burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, salads Being one of the most well-known fast food chains in the world
Burger King Burgers, fries, onion rings, chicken sandwiches Flame-grilling their burgers for a unique flavor
Wendy’s Burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, salads, chili Square-shaped burgers and popular chili

Overall, while there may not be as many Arthur Treacher’s locations compared to other fast food chains, their unique offerings and focus on fresh ingredients make them a standout option for those looking for a quick and flavorful meal.

Nostalgia for Arthur Treacher’s among Ohio locals

Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips, a fast-food restaurant chain that was once popular in the United States, has become a part of Ohio’s history. The chain, which once had over 800 locations nationwide, is now down to just a handful of locations scattered around the country. Ohio, the birthplace of the chain, is no exception, but Arthur Treacher’s legacy lives on in the state, and many Ohio locals still look back on their childhood memories of the restaurant chain with fondness.

  • Many Ohioans have fond memories of eating Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips as children. For those who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, visiting an Arthur Treacher’s restaurant was a family experience. The delicious fish and chips and the restaurant’s unique atmosphere left a lasting impression on many Ohio locals.
  • Arthur Treacher’s was once a staple in Ohio’s fast-food scene, but today, only a few locations remain. Despite this, the chain’s legacy is felt across the state, and Ohio still has a soft spot for the restaurant chain.
  • Arthur Treacher’s may not be as ubiquitous as it once was, but it has not been forgotten. Many Ohioans make it a point to visit one of the remaining locations to reminisce about the good old days and enjoy a taste of nostalgia.

The Last Arthur Treacher’s locations in Ohio

As of 2021, there are only two Arthur Treacher’s locations in Ohio, one in Akron and the other in Canton. These two outlets serve the chain’s classic dishes, such as fish and chips, shrimp, clam strips, and chicken tenders, to loyal customers who still crave Arthur Treacher’s signature taste.

City Address Phone number
Akron 2540 Romig Road (330) 745-4555
Canton 3140 Mahoning Road NE (330) 454-3474

For those who grew up with Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips, a trip to one of these Ohio locations can be a nostalgic experience. The establishments remain true to the chain’s classic image, and the food is still as delicious as people remember it from decades ago.

Future Outlook for Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio

As of today, there are only a few Arthur Treacher’s locations still operating in Ohio. However, the future is not entirely bleak for the beloved fish and chips chain. Here are some factors that may impact the fate of Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio:

  • The rising popularity of seafood and fast-casual dining options could potentially provide an opportunity for Arthur Treacher’s to rebrand and evolve its menu to appeal to modern tastes.
  • The company could choose to focus on expanding its presence in other states where it has a stronger foothold, such as New York and Pennsylvania, rather than trying to revive struggling Ohio locations.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to reevaluate their operations and prioritize takeout and delivery options. Arthur Treacher’s could potentially capitalize on this trend by investing in digital ordering and marketing.

Overall, the future outlook for Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio is uncertain. With only a handful of locations left in the state, it may be difficult for the chain to regain its former glory. However, there are still some potential opportunities for the brand to grow and adapt in an ever-changing restaurant landscape.

For the full list of Arthur Treacher’s locations in Ohio, see the table below:

City Address
Warren 1820 Niles-Cortland Rd. SE
Canton 3006 Cleveland Ave SW
Akron 466 E Exchange St

Note: Please check with individual locations for updated hours and availability.

Are There Any Arthur Treacher’s Left in Ohio?

Q: Is Arthur Treacher’s still in business in Ohio?
A: Unfortunately, no. Arthur Treacher’s closed all its stores in Ohio in 2018.

Q: Is there any chance that Arthur Treacher’s will open again in Ohio?
A: It’s hard to say for sure, but for now, there are no plans for Arthur Treacher’s to return to Ohio.

Q: How many Arthur Treacher’s were there in Ohio before they closed?
A: At its peak, Arthur Treacher’s had 21 locations in Ohio.

Q: Are there any Arthur Treacher’s left in other states?
A: Yes, there are still Arthur Treacher’s franchises operating in other parts of the United States.

Q: What made Arthur Treacher’s popular in Ohio?
A: Arthur Treacher’s was known for its seafood offerings, including fish and chips, which were very popular in Ohio.

Q: Is there any alternative to Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio?
A: While there may not be an exact substitute for Arthur Treacher’s, there are plenty of other seafood restaurants to explore in Ohio.

Q: What’s the history of Arthur Treacher’s in Ohio?
A: Arthur Treacher’s first opened in the United States in 1969, and at one point, it was the largest seafood chain in the country. In Ohio, it had a strong presence for many years before ultimately closing its doors in 2018.

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